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    50p Tea Tent

    There were the Magic Teapot tents on JP and Avalon. £1.50 tea and a great sing along. One in Avalon was prob highlight of my fest. I was cold and there was a roaring fire, tea in proper mug, a seat and the ability to harmonise at the top of my voice. Justs brilliant! But don't tell anyone. Best kept secret 😉
  2. Worst: Paella on WG was atrocious. Best: Annie Mac Kayne Western. I dream of this dish! However, they needed to sort out their timings of having new batches constantly ready to go. Went twice and had to wait 15-20mins each time for it to cook.
  3. Got it. My first time. I'm in the Clinically Vulnerable shielding group so bit scared. Hopefully it'll be fine. I was so careful all weekend and all my friends are fine. Sods law I suppose!
  4. Heard something about Noel Gallagher crashing the VP. Not sure what stage. Ppl on platform either delighted or enraged by the entitlement. 11th Glasto, 1st yr Access. I was humbled and incredibly grateful for the service. It enabled me to enjoy Glasto. Without it, I couldn't have attended, so so so thankful. General view from the Access peeps is that over crowding was an issue and inconsiderate ppl trying to use the loos and VP without being Access. Equally lots of lovely Glasto stories about lovely people. Apparently access routes being pyramid this year were an issue - "hospitality" wristbanders being very rude to Access peeps who share their pathways and not considerate at all. So an overall mixture of loveliness and the worst of humanity. Don't be dicks ppl!
  5. I was Access this year as I could not physically stand through a whole set. I was either on the viewing platforms or went to the back of my crowd with my chair though. I wouldn't dream of trying to have a chair at front of pyramid unless it was quiet early line up band. My disability is hidden and I was really scared of being judged as being inconsiderate. It's worth remembering the majority of disability is not visable. For every obvious person with a wheelchair, scooter or stick there'll likely be 10 more without. I am honestly considering taking a stick next year, not because I need it, but because it may encourage others to be more considerate as I'll have "proof" of disability.
  6. Here's a biggun. If you are not registered for Access loos and viewing platforms, don't be a dick and try to use them. Nuff said. I think everyone needed to attend a service from OMG It's the Church! and learn the central commandment... don't be a dick.
  7. I got caught in a lot of crushes this year. What I was really surprised by is when a crush was forming, people choosing to join it and just thinking they could force their way through. Especially into Avalon. It's clear the field is full... no lets just push harder to get in ?!? There definately seemed to be an air of stubbornness and desperation and lack of planning ahead to get in to see the things you wanted. People trying to do too much by just pushing their way in. No willingness to walk the longer, but potentially quicker route or to abandon plans and see someone else. I think that maybe comes from experience and ppl have either forgotten or too many newbies in the crowd. And yes, Sugarbabes, TLC, Wet Leg, McFly should have been on bigger stages. Williams Green on Thurs should not have been attempted... ridiculous line up against nothing else. Hope they reduce capacity in the future. Even with extra areas, the pinch points on site are not going to get bigger.
  8. Drop off is at Bath&West. You then get the shuttle to PGA. You can find details about B&W and shuttle, etc, on Glasto website.
  9. Two trips in hot weather is a very good idea. You do not want to do the hours of queuing on Weds morning with all your stuff in the heat. This is how you get heatstroke and hurt your back. Take it easy and stick with your original plan for an easy first trip. Your future self will thank you.
  10. NB. I don't think they are all posted yet. He seems to be going highest donations first and has got down to £42. I believe it was £40 min to get a painted bin, so I assume there are a lot more to go. I am hoping anyway!
  11. Definately a Birkinstock year. Big question now is to whether to even take hiking boots. Gonna wait until night before to make that decision.
  12. These are hairdressers. OP is after a stall doing hair braiding. These two are not normally the same 😁
  13. See the various gates and paths for yourself.. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/getting-here/maps/
  14. It's been so many years since the last fest, I doubt anyone will know/remember better than you. Just wander and see if you find it.
  15. Dry grounds. Depths of pink. To Oxylers. You're talking at least 45min-1hr including wristbands. Could be 1.5hr if you hit queues (unlikely), mud or take some breaks.
  16. TLC - No Scrubs Was one of my fav songs from teenage years. Can't believe I get the chance to see them live! Hoping they are good. Almost the only act, aside from Macca and DianaR my entire group agree on seeing.
  17. There will always be space in pink car parks which is over the west side. Not something to be worries about. Just prepare yourself for a long walk. Presume someone has set up a tent for you at Ox, otherwise forget it.
  18. I'm watching the BBC Introducing documentary on BBCiPlayer. I'm never much good at knowing who is about to be H U G E. Anyone got any recommendations for any bands, etc, they'll expect to be on the Pyramid in a few years?
  19. One year I happened to catch Caravan Palace on the Pyramid and they were great! One of my fav random discoveries ever. I'm not that knowledgeable about electric swing and would love it if anyone could point me to some bands at this year's fest?
  20. The same questions are asked again and again on this forum. Where to camp? Driving route to Glasto to get to east or west car parks? Where is the box office? Could we get a pinned FAQ for those seemingly to lazy to look at previous posts asking the same question?
  21. Well there we go. You live and learn! Thanks all 👍
  22. Our resale contingent of friends had the same issue. They were going spare about where their tickets were. Turns out they went to lead booked who was on holiday and so did not know he'd missed the delivery. Seems like something went wrong somewhere in the process?
  23. I just have visions of the guy shaking his fist as trolleys pass him by. Maybe going as far as to do the British tut under his breath! I'm hoping he doesn't explode in rage at any innocent trolley-pullers at the fest, they'd be some bemused 🤣
  24. No idea if this is an appropriate post. Please do remove if not. Just thought others might be interested to see the rapidly degenerating pinned post on reddit for "Newbie Tips". The mod does not like trolleys and is not afraid to try to force his opinion on others. Threatening to report people to their employers and all sorts! It really makes me appreciate this forum! 😁 Thanks guys for being sane and open to contrary opinions! Nb. Realised the embedded link doesn't show the comment and is huge. Soz. You'll have to follow the link to see the comment section which is the subject of my post.
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