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  1. The ultimate trolley also doubles up nicely as a double seat if you bring comfy cushions.
  2. Oh yes, I must start getting to the boot sales.I got my waterproof frogs at the last pre G one I attended. Wear your trainers but with over wellies on! Will keep an eye out for tents and tat. I just bought myself a 20,000Ah Power Bank charger off Fleabay. Probably fake from China but heyho, if it gives anywhere near the amount of charges I am hoping it will, its £15 well spent.
  3. Hi Kara

    Just a quick message. Glad to see you are coming to the G. I am organising a Glasto Hen Party for Naomi (as she is getting married to the Mongrel on fallow weekend next year). Plans are for Thursday and probably with a bit of a Lady Gaga theme. High tea and cocktails and maybe more. I dont have you on FB, so am contacting to let you know this way. Keep it hush for mo. Love Lu...

  4. Mmmm...anyone for calamari? The giant squid dissection on Nature's Giants was pretty impressive (if a little gooey at times). I love marine invertebrates me. I'm still trying to get my head around Monday's Horizon and its theory about the Big Bang. Its one of those particularly heavy on the quantum mechanics and brain melting cosmology. My particular favourite especially coming so soon after the last Steven Hawking's Universe 2 hour epic final episode.
  5. The Steven Hawkings' Universe wasnt anywhere near as good as I hoped but A Special Relationship was worth a view (and certainly a LOT better than staying on C4 and watching Blade Trinity!!!)
  6. Mwah!!! Hey lovely. Will follow up with a proper chat once I manage to stop for 5 minutes. TTFN x x x

  7. hey hey.... here we are then... i have just got over the festival blues... hate that feeling when you first see people just being all boring and ordinary... roll on the next one though. Jemma

  8. I didnt realise you are a Brizzle boy. I should hopefully be a Brizzle girl by the end of the summer.

  9. Hey there. Raving at Glasto? Where, when and how often? I'm a punter now so am able to run around partying as much as I want. See you next Wednesday my dear.

  10. The latest Secrets of the Solar System The BEST one yet...I almost cried I was so overcome at the awesomeness of it all. Volcanoes and a trip to Hawaii and Io...nuff said.
  11. Instead of going out for the night, illness kept me in on Saturday and how glad of it I was. That doco about Detroit was STUNNING wasnt it? Made by Julien Temple and it showed. The artistry and production and flow of the documentary was brilliant. I learnt so much from it. Not sure from the footage if the city is really that apocalyptically empty in the city centre but what a place. So strange and eerie, stunning but decaying. The end with the urban agriculture was really interesting. I havent seen the 8 Mile movie but want to now. Detroit...the example city of the US in microcosm. Boom and bust, strength to ruin to a possible very different but potential positive future perhaps? The following doco about the music was good too but would have liked to have seen more about the dance era.
  12. My first paid taxable work in 18 months!!! Last time I was properly employed by the system was in Oz! Have only done volunteer work since then, then on JSA when I got back to the UK and then when to barmy farming college which then got shut down by the recievers! Life has been a wee bit utterly shite since last May tbh! BUT...am a happy busy bunny temping for 3 weeks in a local kitchen...its not much but its nice and the people are lovely and I get to take home lovely food each evening. AND I get to pay my friend back for the loan for a Glasto ticket! The lambs on BBC2 also have made me very happy since Sunday...and the roast lamb in mine and my cat's tummies made us happy too.
  13. A recommendation...dont go watching Dr Who end of Series 2 on IPlayers at 3 o'clock in the morning...it doesnt make for a good nights sleep! Pesky Cybermen vs Daleks!
  14. Ya lucky git! Am currently trying to decide between training in Viticulture (Winemaking) or Craft Upholstery to gain the skills to be able to get onto the Skilled Migrants list for Oz and NZ...the only option left open for me to return and work there now...apart from finding an Australian male for matrimonial purposes! I'd rather gain the work skills!
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