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  1. Muse? Headlining Isle of Wight and surely they'll be doing other festivals or their own tour perhaps? Must be an album coming too in 2022
  2. More likely to be: Post Malone The Wombats Post Malone The Wombats Post Malone The Wombats Post Malone
  3. Dave // Bring Me The Horizon Arctic Monkeys // Dua Lipa Rage Against the Machine // Royal Blood
  4. Catfish are garbage. What makes them a more worthy headliner than other indie bands that have been going on so much longer and are better? (Wombats, TDCC, Courteeners, Kasabian, Fratellis, Razorlight, Vaccines, Kooks, the list goes on and on...)
  5. God, your music taste is tragic 🤣
  6. I'd put money on the Strokes headlining MSW now. Easy booking for FR
  7. Aren't Post Malone, Stormzy and Foo Fighters gigantic?
  8. Lorde has never played R&L before and she's not really relevant in the UK. I can name 1/2 songs. It's become too easy to headline now, you have to earn it. Fucking Catfish didn't
  9. Can't imagine the type of crowd Dave will pull when you see the likes of KSI, AJ Tracey, Russ Millions, Slowthai fans this year 😖
  10. Biffy, Catfish, or Disclosure didn't close with great songs. Dave should headline the second main stage
  11. Just seen a video of Gerry at Reading and the crowd looks insane. Seems like a large Glastonbury-type act for the years to come
  12. Camped in yellow at Reading, awful experience. Purple, green, and orange seemed very hostile too
  13. RATM, QOTSA, Muse, Pearl Jam, AM, Royal Blood Sorted
  14. Most of my group have a horrible cold coming on. All tested negative though
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