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  1. Does anyone think there's a possibility of against me! Playing given that Laura Jane Grace is already there? Probably just wishful thinking on my part but would love to see them on the bill, main stage somewhere I'd guess.
  2. That makes sense in terms of festivals they would suit them. I'm hoping for a tour regardless as they're always great live. It'll be interesting to see what happens regarding US bands and being able to travel. I think you could in theory replace all the bands and go ahead if that was the last resort, only because you'd think most British acts will be desperate for shows and likewise British audiences are desperate for shows. I don't see any bands pulling out affecting my personal decision on attending and I'll be going whoever is in the bill.
  3. I would love love love Manchester orchestra. Although, for the years I've lurked on these forums they always seem to be rumoured. Is there a reason for that or just wishful thinking? I wasn't sure if they were big enough to headline trees? But then I didn't really think Thrice were either. Last time I saw them they were way down the line up at Groezrock which was hardly a big festival and to my knowledge Thrice haven't gotten much bigger since?
  4. Guessing there will be a few reshuffles what with stray from the path pulling out and the whole beach slang thing. I know this year's different, for obvious reasons, but when (in years gone by) does the rest of the line up tend to drop? I remember they previously released a band a day over the course of a week which was cool.
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