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  1. Definitely, Lathums and The K’s are both quality up and coming bands too. Seem to be announced for almost all similar festivals to Tramlines so assume we’ll see them on undercard too.
  2. Foals would be quality as a headliner if they can get them, been announced for a few similar sized festivals so might be a chance.
  3. I’m still hoping to see Foals in there, they’ve been announced for a few similar sized ones this summer. Shouldn’t be too long before we see a lineup now if other ones owned by the company are being released.
  4. The Streets are being announced for a few festivals now this summer, would be something different at least. If Ian Brown and Catfish are ruled out there’s not many who are active this summer that look good headlining material, just hoping for a good undercard.
  5. I’m just speculating on this one but it seems a safe bet to say Ian Brown won’t be performing. So far has been dropped from Neighbourhood Weekender with James replacing him, and his Twitter rants about vaccinated crowds would suggest he won’t be performing much this summer. If Tramlines do replace him hopefully they’ll follow suit with James, a brilliant band.
  6. Yeah that’s understandable, even with the roadmap it seems a little optimistic to think we’re 3 months away from normality. Do you know if they have the option to have the festival later in the summer? Or are they quite limited by the council and logistics for the current date.
  7. They seem a bit more active on social media, wonder if it’s building up to an announcement soon.
  8. Wonder when we can expect an official lineup announcement on this. Would expect it to be soon to take advantage of everyone making bookings for the summer now it’s looking likely to go ahead.
  9. Wouldn’t be too sure on Reverend, I remember he tweeted when the lineup came out saying he couldn’t do it every year and was taking a break. Although with the year they missed it could count as the break. With how expensive the festival has gotten now (£140 for tickets currently) you’d hope they have a bigger band than Reverend headlining. As much as I like them wouldn’t say they’re headlining material.
  10. Catfish seem to be playing other festivals this summer so would they be the only headliner staying? Do you have any idea on replacements too? Saw James had replaced Ian Brown at Neighbourhood Weekender, would like to see them here.
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