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  1. agreed, Bombay are the only headliners I really like but the lower acts are all really impressive. Wanted to see Little Simz and Fontaines for ages
  2. that would be the worst/best £150 I ever spent
  3. just hoping the tent has a decent headliner when the kooks are on
  4. me too! Hopefully this year but I feel like the lineup will basically be the same as last years with minor changes
  5. would love to see hotchip live
  6. I'd say Haim have a similar fan base to Foals but they don't have links to Truck like Foals did. Also correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure there haven't been any US headliners at Truck which is my main reason for not thinking either Haim of Phoebe Bridgers would go
  7. This lineup is great but id say Haim and Phoebe Bridgers are too big for Truck, especially when headliners are usually from the UK which im assuming lowers cost. Still, I hope this is the lineup it's incredible lol
  8. I really hope Wolf Alice are back for a second year, I know its unrealistic but they were definitely my favourite set of the weekend hands down
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