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  1. Judging by R&Ls latest tweet we should be all good just turning up on site. looks like theyve got a team there sorting ticketing issues
  2. my inner 15 year old emo kid will lose his mind
  3. yeah he's on the case as well. he's a complete plonker, had the tickets this morning but went to transfer one of his to his girlfriend even tho he's arriving with her anyway.
  4. yeah of course mate. my mates parking in white as well, im in green.
  5. Is it the hexagon you have to go to? one of my mates just tried transfering after the deadline and now his tickets have gone. If so have you got any clue what sort of time they open tomorrow?
  6. do you gutys think broco will be announced as the pretty boys again or just a usual secret set and not be on the line up at all?
  7. in 24hrs from now i'll be fastening my seat belt!!
  8. does anyone know if the rides at reading ever change or if they are pretty much the same each year?
  9. apologies as non line up related...... ive been going since 2017 i dont think any of the rides have changed at all at this point. do they have any history of changing at all?
  10. im not even a fan of the whole no clash thing anyway. I don't want to be stuck in the arena for hours at a time, there has to be time for getting seshed at the camp in between
  11. not exactly breaking news at this point but anyway..... someone commented on the reading festrival reddit who apparently is working at reading train station, they have started building the secoind main stage"pretty much opposite" the first main stage
  12. Pretty likely tbf fits with melv saying they've played before
  13. I'm sure someone posted something about Frank carter playing a secret. He replied to an Instagram comment or something so I'd say he's pretty nailed on
  14. Anyone else having the same issue sending tickets as me? I bought my friends tickets and can transfer them the weekend tickets okay. However, I can't send them their early birds which i purchased as an extra at the same time i bought the weekend tickets. I bought a couple early birds seperatley and i can send these ones now.
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