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  1. That’s whataboutery. The last time we opened up vaccines were barely entering meaningful trials. That’s ignoring that we’ve never opened everything up.
  2. Future generations will look back at us with disgust, wondering why even when we had so much evidence available we still shut down activities and industries that did not contribute to the spread of the virus but the result of which cost taxpayers billions of pounds. They’ll resent every penny of their taxes.
  3. The roadmap is out of date and is based on data and theories that have been superseded by far better data than anyone expected. Once the over 50’s have their first jab protection the roadmap should be accelerated, I’m yet to see a reasonable counter argument other than a few what ifs.
  4. Tomorrow we are legally able to sit on a park bench with another person but as an example we need to wait 3 more weeks to play golf or tennis with that same person which would be far more socially distanced, and you think that’s proportionate?
  5. Can’t legally go round your family and friends home for another 72 days.
  6. Oh I’m not saying lift all restrictions today, far from it but today is a very significant day. Healthy over 55’s are starting to be vaccinated in all areas as of today, some areas are probably far past that. Over 18’s who are more susceptible to severe disease will have their protection by the middle to end of this month. Some people can’t get used to the idea that the pandemic is rapidly coming to an end in this county.
  7. I knew there would be mentions of variants in there and I wasn’t disappointed 😆😆 They just can’t help themselves.
  8. What have I said that’s wrong? We can’t protect every person in the UK from all types of death. Covid will be with us forever in one way or another. We should be celebrating the fact we got to this day, not talking it down as if it’s insignificant. That one.
  9. I draw the line at logic. Today is the day covid became endemic, its 3 weeks after the most vulnerable were vaccinated.
  10. Stop feeding the troll and hopefully he will go away and stop ruining this thread.
  11. 😂 the innova ones that the government are desperately trying to get through as quick as possible because they turned out it be useless?
  12. We should be in the equivalent of tier 2 as of Monday, based on the data.
  13. Yeah but it might mutate again, or something.
  14. Also Spain pretty much stopped reporting their deaths over the summer unless they could record it on the same day it happened. Not sure if that went back to normal after the tourist season ended or not.
  15. Well we record any death within 28 days of a positive test result for starters. Doesn’t mean they all died of covid.
  16. It’s also lazy to blame overweight people. You often see stats like “two thirds of icu patients are overweight” you’d expect that in a country with two thirds of the population being overweight wouldn’t you? Doesn’t mean being overweight was a major factor, otherwise the percentage would be higher.
  17. Or tomorrow, depending on availability. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/book-coronavirus-vaccination/
  18. 300 deaths based on infections weeks ago before most vaccines started doing their job. This Saturday marks the end of a public health crisis in this country, that is the day that all over 80’s and extremely vulnerable have received at least 1 dose of a vaccine + 3 weeks for it to gain effectiveness. Meanwhile we are racing through the over 50’s, which should be done by the end of March, give them 3 weeks for their protection to kick in and there is no excuse not to bring every step forward one.
  19. Has anybody else had to pick up their home lateral flow test kits for the new school testing thing?! Can somebody explain what the thinking is behind giving you 7 tests but you have to do them twice a week? Make it 6 or 8!
  20. I had to stop listening when she said you could feel their breath coming and you can feel yourself breathing their breath in. This lady is a lunatic.
  21. Not any more they won’t. Government changed policy.
  22. The FP rate is roughly 0.3% with the innova tests. The numbers of kids and families needlessly self isolating is going to be huge.
  23. Either something is about to go catastrophically wrong in this country and the AZ data is flawed, or these countries are going to stand around scratching their heads in a few months watching us host the euros and attend festivals wondering what the hell they were thinking.
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