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  1. Has there ever been any sort of conclusive study into how many lives mask wearing has saved in the UK?
  2. Scotland are still the only team to celebrate a win against England during the Euros.
  3. I saw a tweet the other day that summed it up perfectly. A vaccine is cheaper than an occupied hospital bed.
  4. Oh sorry I misunderstood and thought you were the one inferring it.
  5. What’s that got to do with it?
  6. Feel free to try it yourself. Orange juice and lemon juice = positive LFT.
  7. Yes that is the case but some it takes time for the false positives to be removed from the system.
  8. So it turns out there probably isn’t a big spike in school age infections. The kids have learnt how to guarantee a false positive LFT by using fruit juice.
  9. Do you look up how many people die of cancer on a daily basis?
  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 toughen up son
  11. Have you quoted the wrong post because that’s got absolute zero to do with anything I said?!
  12. A self titled post from Stuart the troll.
  13. Arguing about coloured arrows on a screen again? Pathetic.
  14. SAGE isn’t full of behavioural scientists by coincidence. Look at Christmas, plenty of people took it on the chin and said “never mind we’ll just have our Christmas in a couple of months instead”, if people would have known indoor mixing would be illegal until mid May and limited to 6 until late July* I think many more families would have said “fuck it, it’s only one day let’s have a proper Christmas” and I don’t think you could fully blame the public for thinking that, we’re not programmed to be away from our friends and family for that long. * so far
  15. Because if you tell people that it’s not going to end until next year then compliance goes out of the window. That’s why they constantly dangle the carrot of a few weeks or a few months at a time.
  16. I didn’t realise it was for that long. Never trust Wikipedia who list every other year as the Pyramid stage 🙈 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glastonbury_Festival_line-ups
  17. What’s the story with 98 not having a pyramid stage?
  18. It’s “inconsistent” because you can’t tell the difference between effectiveness against infection and effectiveness against hospitalisation.
  19. How’s things going with your daughter? Hope all is well.
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