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  1. Can someone leak the poster early again this year?
  2. To clarify when can weekend ticket holders without early entry enter the site
  3. Quick Question: My general weekend ticket says not valid for entry until 3am me and a mate were thinking of going at 3am Thursday morning will they let us in at that time
  4. As I’m not seeing Stereophonics at Y Not they would be a fantastic addition for me
  5. Hopefully questions on resale tickets, lineup changes and plans for the festival are all answered tonight
  6. Rudimental//Royal Blood//Stereophonics DMA’s//Fontains DC//The Kooks
  7. Is that all you know for this years
  8. Is this from a source because I’d be very very happy with that
  9. Can’t be exactly same as Tramlines headliner wise, can it?
  10. Think Royal Blood are certain Sadly Ashcroft probably is aswell
  11. With Tramlines being announced tonight anyone any knowledge on Y Not announcing
  12. Using Courteeners was just a promo not a hint on Instagram right?
  13. Been at school and work past few days can anyone sum up what’s occurred
  14. Can’t wait to see a billboard with a giant lighter saying tramlines on it teasing The Streets
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