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  1. Also apologies for double message- Denzel Curry to sing Bulls On Parade with RATM🙏
  2. Still hoping for the likes of Holding Absence, Don Broco, KennyHoopla, DMAs etc but those headliners are *chefs kiss*
  3. I don’t quite know how but that’s what you get by paramore is my top song of the year 😭 we go again in 2022
  4. the amount of waffle I’ve just read through is fantastic. All just for KoL and Yungblud. Amazing.
  5. KennyHoopla doing slam dunk in June. Reckon that means he’s not at R&L😔
  6. Arctic Monkeys, Drake, The 1975 Kayne West, Bring Me The Horizon, Foo Fighters
  7. DMAs are at trnsmt in June. Not sure if they’re UK based or Aussie based
  8. Glad I’m not the only who doesn’t get the sam fender hype. Incredible musician don’t get me wrong but fucking hell he’s boring live
  9. Got a show in Brixton tonight in fairness (then again sports team played their the other night and they’re nowhere near headliner 😂)
  10. Kenny Hoopla and DMA’s at TRNSMT in July. Reckon that makes them less likely for R&L?
  11. Yes. Yes he can. Was wicked this year
  12. Any chance of Brockhampton during the day on a mainstage, don't think so myself but curious to others opinions?
  13. Tbh I’d happily take yungblud if it means AM, BMTH and Dave are all there
  14. Biffy Clyro are so clear of catfish fwiw.
  15. Fucking hell. AM, Dave, Dua & BMTH. Yes please.
  16. WPSIATWIN- Ritz, When the sun goes down & Mardy Bum FWN- Brianstorm, Teddy Picker, 505 Humbug- Crying Lightning, My Propeller & Cornerstone SIAS- Don't sit down, Suck it and see, Brick by brick AM- R u mine, Arabella, Snap out of it TBHC- Four out of five, TBHC, One point perspective
  17. I agree, hope he isn't back for 2022
  18. May not mean much but R&L have liked the AM post on Instagram 👀
  19. One weekend of the year I can’t do, all my mates are going out for it proper gutted
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