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  1. Cheers! Booked my ticket just now and looking forward to it!
  2. Hi Everyone! I think I'm booking my 2000 trees ticket very very very soon and it will be my first year going. Any tips for the festival? Also will there be anymore bands announced or do we reckon this is it?
  3. A few names added that I’ll be all over (Frank Carter, DMA’s, Static Dress etc) but overall a tad meh
  4. Anyone else get an email through saying their payment wasn't accepted for the final part of the payment plan even though my card hasn't changed?
  5. With all of those 'Exclusives' where do we see R&L going in terms of Rap acts?
  6. 1. BMTH 2. AM 3. RATM 4. The Lathums 5. Enter Shikari
  7. I’m not really that excited by anyone on that lineup but for £50 I will still 100% go😂
  8. Fine with Two Door headlining typical indie festival band. Hope we get a good rest of the bill now!
  9. Would love love love 1975 sadly their show in Japan in august is labelled as their first one back so I think that’s off the cards. Rogue shout but Don broco for a high slot? Played a few years back, headlined slam dunk and just had a UK number 1
  10. Who we all thinking then? I hope it isn’t them but I reckon it’ll be royal blood headlining
  11. At my uni I’m the only one who has even heard of RATM (I’m slightly older at 22) then the most anticipated by far is Dave. I’m the only one absolutely buzzed for BMTH.
  12. If the lathums and AM clashed the dark fruits drinker (me) would have a meltdown
  13. Anyone reckon Master Peace could come back 2022. Just got into him and think he’s really really good
  14. Thoughts on KennyHoopla returning?
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