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  1. My other half's said it updated but hadn't, mine won't either (both android) but we got here and set up in orange (Leeds) about 3 hour ago and our signal and Internet is still a bit sketchy. Other answers: We also got off A1 north bound at wrong exit and ended up following signs for drop off only but parking folk were sound for a change and let us skip traffic into red gate 2. Sniffer dog was taking a shit as we entered so can't comment on how effective he was. Quite a streamlined process imo, covid status at first set of tents, the security, then tickets.
  2. I know the Co-op is showing in the arena on the map (Leeds) but I also go an email yesterday saying the Co-op was in orange?! Is that just a mix up somewhere along the line?
  3. Did this 2014, busier than you think, just managed to squeeze a 4 man in red though.
  4. Mine saved fine but my other half has been trying to save his to Google pay for a week now and no luck, checked all permissions and settings too, hopefully someone will come by with a solution before tomorrow ✌
  5. If you're going Leeds, looks like usual spot to me?
  6. Both interesting points, I camped in blue up until turning 25 so Orange was already a step back for me, I know it's a mixed bag regardless of where you pitch up but now you've both got me wondering whether I'm tough enough for 5 nights in Orange 😂✌
  7. I turned the dreaded 30 in March but I'm going with my other half and best mate who are both 8 year younger than me so hoping I can act just as youthful as previous years 😂 Your daughter sounds like someone I'd be mates with 😂
  8. Brill, cheers mate! Was actually going to ask if the younger end headed for orange nowadays but you've cleared that up for me too, fingers crossed for a good spot in orange nice and early Wednesday ✌
  9. I went to Leeds 2010-2016 but obviously quite a bit has changed over last few year so just a few questions to get my knowledge up to date. I've kept up with the posts and replies since February so don't think any of this has been covered; Mirrors - mirrors used to be banned as a subcategory under 'glass', is this still the case or can I get away without hiding one in my sleeping bag? Red Gate Exit - do they still open the gate at the back of red on the Sunday night for if you want/need to leave early? Refresh Retreat - my other half is a festival virgin and refused to come without paying for the nice loos but I can't seem to find them on the map? I'm assuming they're in the village? General atmosphere - I get that the genre and demographic have changed over the years but I've noticed both on twitter and the occasional remark on here that folk seem to be a lot more openly snotty & judgemental about the music/artist/acts/bands they don't like than they used to be. Is this what it's really like at the festival these days or are people more chill/respectful when they're there? Cheers guys! Hope you all have THE best hangover next Monday ✌
  10. It's on the map where it's always been 😊
  11. By looks of his tweet he's trying to find replacement venues for those already with tickets so doubt he'll be at R&L but sort of surprised he wasn't already on line up as a regular they couldve easily brought in?
  12. Me & my other half are in the same position, I've been going since 2010 but this will be my first time just as a couple & his first time altogether. Our plan's just to try & make pals with folk camped around us - might be your best bet.
  13. 2010 was a better performance imo but they could've just played every track from Buddha both times and I would've been happy
  14. Ey up, long time lurker, first time poster. Just reading back through a fair few comments saying that FR can hang off longer on the next announcement because R&L have already sold out but was just wondering if there's any stats knocking about on how many of the weekend tickets were bought via installment plan? Second installment is due next Thursday so I'm just speculating here whether it'd make sense for there to be an announcement before then? To keep people paying for their tickets? Surely they don't want to un-sell-out if masses of folk decide the line-ups not worth it and also considering other festivals have announced, might try their luck elsewhere? Just a thought.
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