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  1. Hi, first timer I assume there is but are there any silent discos? If so where abouts will it be/which tent? Sorry if this has been asked I couldn’t find it☺️
  2. There’s a duo called ward Thomas playing, I want to say field of Avalon (may be wrong) they’re not Luke combs type and not everybody’s taste but they do class themselves as “pop-country” and have a few catchy songs. Then as somebody said the shires and Kacey are also decent to see.
  3. Walking through the gates for the first time and getting the wristband I’m so excited for. and an unpopular “moment” but I’m excited to see McFly! seen them from a young age to now being in my 20s will be such a cool moment to experience! also can’t wait to listen to the different kinds of music I wouldn’t usually listen too. ☺️
  4. Yes we are in a camper, I’ll have to check out some walking boots and get use to them ready for the fields🤣 I’m so glad I posted for tips, I don’t know why we never thought of this! such a good idea! Adding this to my list of things to sort! Thank you so much
  5. This is such a good idea, never would have thought of that! Thank you so much!
  6. Thank you for the tips! All noted! Reminded me to find my torch and get that on the list☺️
  7. That’s good to hear, I have a mixed music taste then my friend at times so it’s good to know things would be ok if we split away and went around solo! I’ve seen a lot of people mention theatre and circus area so I’m excited for that! Thanks for the guidance ☺️
  8. Thank you for the tips! i will have to have a look into walking boots as I don’t own anything! Appreciate it
  9. Oo thank you for the tip! Will be sure to do that if we go to watch headliners☺️
  10. Never seen this before, this is brilliant🤣🤣
  11. Is this a real thing? I hope it is I will be on the look out🤣🤣
  12. That’s one thing I didn’t have on my list, thank you so much
  13. Thank you so much! I’ll keep that all in mind, great help☺️
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