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  1. Our chancelor Nehammer was there the same day. Its really weird. Zelensky must have a full time-table to meet all the europen and world Leaders, besides all of this war. Nehammer will be meeting Putin tomorrow 3 pm, so i hope that it will have at least a little positive vibe for the way out of all of this mess for the future.
  2. German chancelor Olaf Scholz commenting on a very dry note "contracts are contracts and we will be staying to pay the gas deliveries in Euros" also saying "I have said this to Mr. Putin himself".
  3. return of the masks here, at least for indoors, after they cancelled this mandatory vaccination thing. our government is completely ridiculous, but at least some distraction from all this putin-shit for our media.
  4. Talked to my old history professor at university yesterday. He said that Putin won`t be much interested to go any further than the Dnepr.
  5. Have a break and enjoy this nice little song out from our neighbour-county slovenia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-wFKNy0MZQ
  6. Our economy is very dependent on russian gas, but also fuel (the OMV, the national fuel company has given some major credits to russian comapanies which will be scraped now) and other things. The lack of gas will certainly be a massive blow here. In the next few months it is secured, but prices for gas and normal fuel (at the petrol stations) are rocketing at the moment. This must be a nightmare for our green environmental minister Gewessler (worked for Greenpeace before) as one solution could be to get gas from the US, but this would be far more expensive and is not very environmental friendly. Another one which is thought about at the moment would be enforcing investments in wind-energy, but this will take a lot of time and be also very expensive. Nuclear-power is certainly no option here. so, there will be problems if situation is not improving and many countries who are dependent on gas-pipelines will have to act fast, because there will be high demand on a small market.
  7. I love these docs, especially from the bbc, as I studied history in Austria, thanks very much.
  8. he should be better "denazifying" his own people. American Media was reporting yesterday that he sent his Wagner Group to kiev now. Their ideology seems to be rather clear as they like to use Nazi-Symbols, even on their uniforms.
  9. Yes, this was mentioned by Von der Leyen explicity in the press conference just minutes ago.
  10. EU with new sanctions: financial support for weapons for ukraine no Russian media in Europe allowed no flights allowed in european air space economical sanctions also against Belarus
  11. They should overthink the attendance reduction here ... only 1000 people (vaccinated and tested) allowed for outdoor sports. But hey, what a winter sport historical moment it has been today in Kitzbühel, first UK skiier winning it, congrats to Dave Ryding, what a race it has been.
  12. Yeah, that is not totally clear. As already stated it`s a quick shot. I assume it could be also mandatory for the 4th or 5th dose. They already cut the validity of 2 doses to 6 months (from 9 months), so that you loose your status as vaccinated after this period, so in theory you are out of public life with that - but that`s the theory - I have been to the biggest electrical store some days ago and you are fully controlled at the entrance, on the other hand stores like H&M do not control anything here. But government has not made it clear until now as they have dodged that question, i think that they are going as far as they have visibility (as they now are fully on all what the experts have to say) - with other doses it seems to far away, especially if it states that vaccination would be useless (so they also made some clauses that they can cancel this new mandatory thing as things go into another direction).
  13. Good point. The new omicron wave has changed the view on the mandatory thing, also by many experts. But on the other hand the mandatory vaccination for omicron has come far too late. All are saying the mandatory vaccination is for the next coming winter. Maybe it is in the bones here because this winter with all those lockdowns and restrictions (for the unvaccinated) was hardly bearable, especially not for tourist destinations (we are again high risk country for Germany). this winter season has been the worst one I think. and by the way one of our intellectual papers has this Pagel (together with Austrian Expert Ulrich Elling who was one of the first who warned about the devastating effects of omicron) on the front page and her forecast for a new far more worse variant, so media here knows how to keep people concerned, especially as our rollercoaster-wagon is still going upwards now.
  14. yeah, but here mandatory vaccinations are a quick shot. government had water up to the neck in December with Delta and mandatory vaccinations seemed the only way out for them, especially with Omicron coming. it has not been planned very well as the legally basis is still controversial, many people from their own parties and also many experts are not for a mandatory thing and there will be problems with collected data of people in the first few months, so police and other forces can only make spot checks (like when driving too fast). so its a shaky thing (they have included a vaccination tombola now where every 10th vaccinated wins some money), i think it`s necessary, but there would have been other measures, more effective measures like pay for PCR tests, pay for hospital stays for the unvaccinated or some sort of taxes for the unvaccinated or tax relief for the fully vaccinated. so rather controversial here, and a feast for the right wings who claim the freedom for the simple people as they ask the people not to get vaccinated (but by the way many right wings leaders are already vaccinated).
  15. I think that in addition to the booster also a PCR test (valid for 48 hours) is mandatory for people from high risk countries. But its rather typical for our confusing health department that they have not changed that until now as it has been put in place on 25th december for countries where cases were high at that time (UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway).
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