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  1. Any chance you could email me with a read only version
  2. Can you see us potentially hitting million days in the coming months, especially when j and j and novavax come online
  3. Hopefully, and as more data comes out it should back it up. do you know if the July target is for both doses or just the one?
  4. Will these COVID passports be for both doses or will one dose be okay?
  5. have you read the comments, there hillarious
  6. We in the UK will happily have them off you if not being used! open offer germany
  7. Just checked staff handbook it’s 115000 total on site
  8. https://twitter.com/hugogye/status/1364576250602414087?s=21 looking better today
  9. defo I go out on my ambulance placement in the next couple weeks so i'm starting to get nervous about not being jabbed
  10. do you have underlying health conditions edit- if you don't mind disclosing
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