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  1. Can't disagree with what anyone's said about The Smile album - its superb. Also enjoyed the 2 EPs by The Blinders (part 2 released today) and The Black Keys album going down well also. Another decent new release day!
  2. New one from Glasvegas - as good as ever. Their album last year was #1 in my EOY list so good to hear new music from them again!
  3. Its a grower for sure. Liked it when I first heard it - absolutely love it now I've given it a few spins. The tracks flow into eachother superbly. For me, the last 2 albums have been more miss than hit - and whilst they are never getting back to the near perfection of the first 3, its nice to listen to an Arcade Fire album that you want to listen to all the way through. Rabbit Hole could be one of the best things they have ever done...
  4. Another +1 for RBCF - think this tops their previous work for me. Perfect for a hot summers day with a cider on the go!
  5. Great month for new music. Tough to pick a top 3 but have gone for: 1. Fontaines DC - Skinty Fia 2. Spiritualized - Everything Was Beautiful (surprise of the year so far for me - any other month would have got top spot) 3. Crows - Beware Believers
  6. Saw Foals and Shame last night At Olympia. Excellent night - Foals really have a superb back catalogue to choose from now. New songs all went down well but the run of tracks at the end was superb and a real reminder how good they are!
  7. I'm with you on that! However the other 10 tracks are killer so I'll let them off that one miss!
  8. Got mine through this afternoon and it’s as good as I’d hoped it would be. 2 superb new releases today!
  9. The Spiritualized album is a masterpiece, acts as a perfect accompaniment to Ladies and Gentlemen. If Fontaines is as good as I'm expecting (holding off listening to it until its been delivered) then it could be the best release day of the year so far for me.
  10. Agree with this. In fact I'd say it was comfortably his best solo album - the end of Taking Me Back flowing into Fear of the Dawn is a thing of beauty!
  11. 1. Placebo 2. Feeder 3. The Mysterines
  12. Couple of early listens for me. New Crows album sounding great as expected. Nice to see them back. Found the Chillis album bloated and boring (with the exception of a couple of tracks) - also expected after their last couple. Could be a grower but I can't see me revisiting it much. New PUP album also out today so will give that a spin later.
  13. Sadly, I agree with all of this. They were more than just band mates, I think the void left by Taylor would be too difficult to replace - he's been an integral part of the band for 25 years. I could see Dave eventually moving into more of a producer type role - he co-wrote Liam Gallaghers new track so it wouldn't surprise me to see him doing work behind the scenes with other artists.
  14. This really hit home. Been numb all day. Seen the Foos many times over the years, the one thing that’s always been at the forefront of their shows is the need to put on a show for the fans. Taylor was a massive part of that. Just absolutely gutted. And for anyone using this thread to spout off about their anti vax conspiracies - shut the fuck up (really can’t emphasise that last part enough). RIP Taylor
  15. Placebo all the way today! Edit - and will give the Dream Widow (Foo Fighters) record a spin. Could be a bit of nostalgia!
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