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  1. I think we should all try to join a union and try and amplify and support socialist MP's (mainly those within the Socialist Campaign Group in Labour). I think ideally we would have loads of AOC types getting grassroots support by canvassing and working within their communities. In this regard I actually think the US is better equipped than us (although the US seems to be further right in general), the Justice Dems and DSA have a solid tactic and made some big gains recently, and I don't think we have anything comparable here (momentum? lol). From there if we could get a few single issue c
  2. Haan

    2021 New Music

    Came across this, the feature list has really peaked my interest...
  3. Haan

    2021 New Music

    Freddie Gibbs and Madlib have released a whole bunch of Pinata era remixes and loosies part of a 4 disc pinata deluxe album. A lot of the songs have been released before via EP's and record store day stuff, but this puts them all in one place. DRAM has returned, under a new name "Shelley", with a more laid back single: New Chloe X Halle, what a banger
  4. Haan

    2021 New Music

    agreed, 24k magic era Bruno Mars was a very cool aesthetic (that track with Cardi B was sooo good), this can work really well
  5. Oh yeah no worries, just wanted to counter some of the Thomas Sowell stuff. The Qatar thing is truly awful, they should have never gotten the world cup. Very depressing
  6. I studied this in uni! A lot of historians have argued that slavery was purely economic but there is a lot of evidence to suggest otherwise. I can dig up my essay's bibliography if you're interested but there's evidence that it was cheaper to enslave Europeans in the 1800s, and the fact that the white slaves in Virgina were allowed to bare arms and white women didn't work the fields, which shows that even in areas with both white and black slaves there was racism and mistreatment. I think overall, slavery would not have happened if it wasn't economically viable, but racism was a huge factor to
  7. Haan

    2021 New Music

    love the seinfeld reference! need to give it a few more spins but i like the production
  8. This is where the controlling the conversation bit comes into play tho, legalisation and decriminalisation does massively reduce drugs in a community. Lmao only to the MPs point, I also meant having some organisation on the grassroots level, separate from Labour entirely.
  9. Another thing I would add is I think one of the reasons why Corbyn failed was he represented too much top down change. If we had a stronger trade union presence, a good amount of grassroots organisations and a solid network of MPs (a bit like the Justice Dems in the US) we could've been in a much better position and fared a much better chance. And also as mentioned before a fairer media/press.
  10. The only reason I did is because I grew up working class and I know many working class people who do care about this stuff (which is anecdotal evidence I know). And I'm not trying to own any issue here, I was just pointing out that these issues effect working class areas the most. I would say he has a higher chance of winning, and I'll be interested to see which policies he thinks are just the right amount of progressive for the electorate
  11. I don't think it needs to be focus per say, just when he was quizzed on it he could've nudged it in the right direction imo lol no need to be pedantic, you can get left wing libertarians and I would say certain policies like having drug consumption rooms would be considered left wing. Before you say anything, I'm not saying Starmer should be calling for drug consumption rooms or anything. Erm yeah didn't you say you agree with the policies but you just don't think the electorate does? Anyway, I'll be interested to see how he plays the May elections
  12. Haan

    2021 New Music

    A new rap group, "aroomfullofmirrors" which includes Daylyt, Punch from TDE (although this doesn't seem to be a TDE project) and a bunch of others, have dropped their first single and it's p good Also, J.I.D dropped this banger
  13. Well obviously my idea, I don't need to preface every statement I make with "in my view" do I? I don't think he's right wing, I just think so far he seems to be veering to the right on more and more issues. I have no idea what you mean by this, working class areas are the most effected by the war on drugs; glasgow has a big heroin problem and London and it's surrounding areas have the "country lines" problem and I can guarantee that they give a shit about solving this issue. Anyway, I think it's important for us to continue to make noise about left wing issues like th
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