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  1. Haan

    Kanye West

    I have a theory that he wanted to release it today because the YZY GAP coat (looks awful) comes out today too. Probably wanted to coincide both releases and forced it. (https://hypebeast.com/2021/7/yeezy-gap-black-round-jacket-u-s-release-info)
  2. Haan

    Kanye West

    We were all praising this rollout hahaha. Someone on reddit was saying that the album he played at this listening party is different to the one he played in the Vegas one a few days ago...
  3. Haan

    Kanye West

    Last min 2 Chainz verse... are we sure it's coming/not rushed? https://www.instagram.com/p/CRozmJ8lpQe/
  4. Haan

    Kanye West

    there was a clip of Mike Dean and Ye still working on it a few hours ago haha, but I'm hoping that's just mixing??
  5. Quite surprised by BERWYN making it, decent debut but too Drake-y I felt. My personal fav here is probably Floating Points but I'd be happy with Arlo Parks, BCNR, Ghetts, Nubya Garcia or SAULT winning it.
  6. Haan

    2021 New Music

    Don't think this has been posted here yet
  7. Beyonce's homecoming (the live album from her Coachella performance) is has brilliant marching band recreations of her hits:
  8. Haan

    Kanye West

    Agree with what most of you guys are saying, Ye and JIK were pretty average/bad, but hopefully he's learnt his lesson and has actually worked on the lyrics longer than a week or so. Also love that he's kept his mouth shut, long may it continue. Better for him and us I feel, I really hope he's gotten some professional help after all the antics in the past few years. Also, to add to the hype, there seems to be a new label or collective called YZY SOUND, and one of their artists has just released a song prod by Kanye:
  9. so funny that he was dissing Kuennsberg on twitter a while ago and now she's jumped at the chance of a juicy interview
  10. Haan

    2021 New Music

    it is indeed haha
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