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  1. https://www.exitfest.org/en/exit-2-0-covid-info/ All information can be found on this link and it will be updated from time to time
  2. Social Distortion is out for next year. They've announced show in Vienna on June 2
  3. Oh thank god for Volbeat 🙏 now I can sleep peacefully
  4. Volbeat is missing, very unusual for Nova Rock
  5. Don't worry, there will be no festivals next year. Maybe in 2067
  6. “This year’s EXIT will be a symbol of Serbia’s victory over the pandemic” Mayor Vučević, who’s also member of the National Health Committee Fighting Against Pandemic, said adding that entry to the festival will be allowed to all those who have been vaccinated and those with antibodies. To make the festival accessible to all, everyone else will be able to take a rapid antigen test, which will be provided at low prices, in a specially made area near the festival gates. Tourists can already travel to Serbia with a negative PCR test and it is expected that testing to enter the country will no long
  7. If she said that, then it will happen, just like last year
  8. But they will be on tour next year for other festivals?
  9. Probably not. Maybe smaller fests with 3-4k people. What is capacity of Love International? Never heard for this festival
  10. Yes, tour could start in Australia
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