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  1. Why are they #cancelled? So hard to keep up with it all. As for bad bands getting big slots at Glastonbury, didn’t The Fratellis sub one year?!
  2. Does Medusa wear one big hat or does every snake have its own little hat?
  3. Could Wolf Alice do a secret set in JP or The Park? Big enough to be exciting but not so big they’d cause safety concerns.
  4. I don’t know if it is. Judging by the cheers about masks no longer being needed, he may have bought himself some time.
  5. Apparently Spaffer took out that photo of Starmer having a beer to try and prove a point?
  6. I was expecting something on the news this morning but nothing yet. Saving it for an hour before PMQs?
  7. Hasn’t he lied a fair few times before in there and nothing has happened?
  8. Why is it a ‘crucial accusation’ that he lied to Parliament? It would be more of a surprise if he actually told the truth.
  9. Hit after hit - would be like Sheryl Crow’s set I reckon.
  10. Think there is quite a bit of misogyny against Carrie - especially from Cummings?
  11. I saw a tweet earlier about the recipes on their site - and how there’s no faffy intro on them. It’s a fine resource. Throw in the children’s TV - remember them showing educational shows at the start of the pandemic - and there’s so much to be proud of.
  12. One of the papers yesterday said part of ‘Operation Save Big Dog’ was populist announcements…
  13. I see Useless Dowden - who was culture secretary last year - is now claiming he wants to fix the culture in no. 10. After doing his utmost to destroy culture everywhere over the past two years. Incompetence seaps out of every pore of that man.
  14. Tory press is full of abuse at the BBC today. Dorries is their hero for freezing the license fee and cutting their funding/stopping their ‘left-wing bias’. They have moved on from Partygate and doing the usual culture war stuff - BBC today, immigrants tomorrow, young people in midweek, the poor on Friday.
  15. Do you think we’ll get a big Sunday paper party story?
  16. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but felt disappointed that one character who popped up didn’t make it to Iron Lake.
  17. And it needs to be a major name, doesn’t it? Who though?
  18. And surely the Met police did?
  19. With convenient and not suspicious timing, Sajid has announced isolation is going down to five days from seven.
  20. I’ve seen a few comments to that effect from people who are not necessarily fans of Starmer. Will it cut through? Maybe? The panel on the politics show on BBC after PMQs - apart from the sole Tory - were livid.
  21. Weirdest one is that Allegra resigned over joking about a party but no one who attended or hosted the gatherings has done anything?
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