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  1. There´s a pretty easy solution to the 2 main stage thing. When main 1 is playing you just cover the other main up with a giant curtain. They do this at Graspop and it works very well
  2. nah , almost all my friends prefer the other days too, just like me
  3. More than 1/2 of the shows I attented this year was by cheap tickets from Ticketswap without a problem. But I have no idea for a festival
  4. It depends, if you changed your ticket into a voucher, you´ll have to buy your ticket again with that. If you did nothing, you have a new ticket for this year in your account.
  5. True and the price I like the line-up but I don´t know if I can attend because of exams + it´s a lot of money and hard to reach the festival site without a car
  6. There are for sure. I remember I spend all my tokens monday morning on some good breakfast
  7. That´s late. I´m going to Rock Werchter too, so would like to know what I could see where. I hope we have it faster than normally
  8. When do they usually release the schedule?
  9. So you think Maroon 5 will headline an event of Rock Werchter?
  10. Mate, why would you put Turnstile and Idles at the same time. The 2 best names on friday
  11. Yeah I would go for a stay in Leuven.
  12. No but it´s the fault of the festival they replace them with garbage like Anne-Marie and Bazart. But I do like a lot of the smaller names, I´m just saying I don´t agree with your way of thinking.
  13. I really do not get this kind of comments. I paid a lot of money for bands I want to see, for a good line-up. I´m not paying 300 euro, just to go to a festival with artists I don´t like, just because I should be happy it happens.
  14. Still hoping for The Strokes! Has the situation changed, and if not, can we expect them elsewhere in Belgium?
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