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  1. Still hoping for The Strokes! Has the situation changed, and if not, can we expect them elsewhere in Belgium?
  2. Yeah this will never happen: Faith No More too low, The War On Drugs and Royal Blood way too low. But if, I wouldn´t complain.
  3. The problem is that everyone could be vulnerable. That´s the reason we all have to quarantine. First of all, the people in nursing homes did got infected, because of infected nurses. And when the hospitals get overwhelmed, a lot of people that could´ve been safed, will die. Did you already forgot about Italy with their corridors full of dying people. Think they rescheduled the old dates
  4. U please keep this for your facebook conspiracy group and lets talk about music at this forum.
  5. you can take a voucher and use the money of that voucher for a 4-day ticket. So you'll have to pay only the extra amount of money that´s left
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