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  1. That would have been top, they smashed it in 2017, shame what happened to them.
  2. Do people think The Courteeners will still be there like they were supposed to be this year? Say what you want about them but they always put on a cracking show at Leeds and elsewhere and know how to get the crowd going, perfect festival band.
  3. I don't even really think about diversity tbh. If the music's good, the music's good. I'd have quite liked Wolf Alice, Skepta and Florence on the lineup because they all have some great songs but it is what it is I guess.
  4. Fair dos. I love Blossoms but haven't even seen them that many times! Hope they come back, always top live Roses and Smiths are two of my favourites as well though no chance of them reforming. I don't think many fests would want to book Moz now which is a shame as he still has it live, saw him just before lockdown in Leeds Arena and he was amazing
  5. Tbf most of them aren't big enough to headline so they could still be announced 👀 And like I said there's loads of festivals where you can catch that kind of music if you're into pop music 😊 Our lass has been to Wireless and Party In The Park a few times because she's big on her pop and she says she's loved it. All about the music though man.
  6. People who call others dark fruits tend to hate working class people and things that working class people like. Proper Tory behaviour.
  7. Fair enough but there seems to be a real music snobbery towards that kind of music these days. It's just what I like and they're amazing live too. I'm not gonna judge anyone on liking bands or artists I don't like and tbh I have seen some shite suggested in here but if they like it then fair dos. Our lass is into stuff like Lizzo and Dua Lipa and that kind of stuff so I think some people in here would be better off going somewhere like Wireless or Party In The Park or even Glastonbury if they want to see people like that because I know they usually get more pop stuff there.
  8. I don't even like dark fruits and anyway that whole thing is just a stereotype by Tory music snobs
  9. Get in! Was one of my looked forward to acts this year
  10. If Arctics are around I reckon they'll play
  11. Personally I think the lineup is sick! Buzzing for Catfish and Liam. Catfish are amazing live and deserve it and we all know that Liam is one of the all time music legends! All the other headliners are worth a watch too, I know Post Malone headlined last year but didn't see him but everyone who did tells me he was good so I'll check him out. Give us Libertines, Courteeners, DMAs, Gerry, Blossoms and that's a top weekend for me If the lineups not to your taste then fair enough, there's other festivals with lineups to your taste you can go where you can fill your boots. I'm looking forward to having a few beers with my mates and singing along to some Oasis classics👌
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