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  1. Maybe in a few years he could headline. Technically he subbed at Leeds, but as we all know sub the second main is really forth down. My point is next year or so is too early for Yung close the festival.
  2. Seeing yungblud 4 times in 6 weeks ( with 3 more to come) then saying musically you've seen alot worse ? Each to there own but don't you need to be more than " fun and energetic" to headline reading? Just a thought 🤔
  3. About 20 quid for 15 cans if I remember correctly
  4. Agreed. I was at Biffy manics and faith no more aswell, amazing sets/atmosphere !
  5. Fair enough, I didn't look at the tour dates cos none of them are close to where I live
  6. Twin Atlantic/royal blood secret sets ?
  7. Did anyone notice that when revealing royal bloods intimate tour dates nme. com said , aswell as festival slots at reading and Leeds .......
  8. Courteeners have got support from blossoms and Johnny Marr..... They are pretty big support especially in Manchester
  9. Best rage 08/ Radiohead 09.worst artic monkeys 09/blink 10
  10. Nbt, yma6, slowthai and idles for the big mainstage slots left.
  11. Probably will be, supporting catfish at Singleton park ,so likely
  12. Covers. Liam sang lead vocals on almost all oasis songs , do you know how band royalties work?
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