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  1. I don’t think the idea of Reading going ahead is insane. If we have the most vulnerable groups by mid Feb as planned, over 50s by Easter and allegedly it being offered to everyone by September I think opening up before that isn’t absurd. Honestly I think the bigger issues will artists covering costs for what would likely be one of the only festivals, as artists normally do Summer festival circuits. Plus foreign artists would be in a different position to the UK. I also think even if things are open in August, the fact a cancellation would have to come months in advance means festival repu
  2. As much as the Wombats feel like faded stars like bands like The Kooks or Libertines they have had a moderate hit per album (or at least the best an indie band for their size can do). LDTJD, Tokyo, Greek Tragedy, and Turn have all done well and they have other songs which are well known enough that I think whilst they’re a bit of a boring booking they’re not bad or outdated per say.
  3. What’s up with all the shitting on Disclosure? I not a massive fan of theirs but I do think theyre getting more flack than needed. If they bring out guests it could be pretty great. To those who are saying ‘what have they done since 2016 to deserve to be headliner again?’ what are you on about? This is only ever a criteria I see brought up about bands people don’t like. It’s not like they got bumped up from radio one to headliners, they’ve gone from One of three headliner to one of six headliners so is already arguably a downgrade. Queens of the Stone Age have arguably done less but ar
  4. Reckon we’ll get expanded/full poster tomorrow if new acts announced today?
  5. Don’t other festivals have them at opposite ends as well though? At least that’s what I read from others on here. I was going off of trusting other people admittedly but thought opposing stages and the associated stampede was also tried and tested?
  6. Confused how everyone is so confused. They’re almost certainly not next to each other because I highly doubt they said Easy and West because by that standard they’re both the same orientation. They would just say left and right if that were the case. one will be where the main stage currently is. One will probably be near where the radio one tent was, although probably all more on the flat. Entrances, toilets etc. Will probably be shuffled a bit, but that’s probably the least of their problems.
  7. I don’t think Lizzo could headline even on a six headline slot year. She has like three bigs songs and whilst I know she’s been around a while I feel it’s too soon for her to headline. Is Cardi B really a Reading type act? I’m sure she’d be fine but I think it’d get a lot of backlash and don’t think she’d be a ticket shifter. Wolf Alice are fucking great and I reckon could sub but think you’d get a lot of people saying ‘who?’ if they headlined. I’d love them but even compared to C&TBM they’re like a third of the size if we’re going by Spotify monthly listeners and s
  8. My own two cents on the gender thing. I’m neither here nor there on it. I think saying that there aren’t enough talented women is stupid. The bigger problems are sexism in the industry both in terms of people wanting to book female acts and the ability for female acts to gain as prominent popularity in a genre like rock. I’m not saying there aren’t good female rockers but the industry of which Reading is a part is most certainly limiting. on the other hand I can see why Reading may struggle to book headline women. There’s a lot of fucking amazing female artists in the game that cou
  9. I’d say Bridgers is more indie folk and Bea more indie rock. Both of their ealier stuff has a kind of ‘soft’ sound but their most recent works are very different. Chances of Sam Fender returning or is it wishful thinking? Should be seeing him at Killers anyway but wouldn’t turn down seeing him twice.
  10. No clashes then! Song is Disclosure? Think they're likely.
  11. Same. I would love to see them, but not holding out my hope for R&L. Same with Gorillaz.
  12. Calm down. You shouting isn't going to make it any more or less likely. They have one thing going for them (website) and four things against them (3x Melvin deconfirmed, 1xshit website)
  13. Yeah this is what I want to know. Are we all just assuming they removed R&L and no one checked. Also as I mentioned before one of the shows say 'On sale May 19th' or something so I have a feeling it is an old page or at least theres some errors on it.
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