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  1. Hasn’t Tom Grennan self confirmed like three times now?
  2. Just want bloody Sam Fender on the line up. All my other wishes are largely unrealistic.
  3. Two Instagram posts in two days. Perhaps I’m delusional. Perhaps it’s a sign...
  4. Surely Sam Fender and Slowthai are booked for this year. Given how much run over with the 2020 line up and that fact they’re obviously touring I can’t see why they wouldn’t be rebooked?
  5. Who would you consider the ‘main’ audience of R&L if not post GCSE kids?
  6. Reckon Introducing is certainly going to stay. It’s always been a big thing for the BBC even if not specifically the festival. I think from an outsider perspective the Pit does seem most likely to go. I agree that I could see some acts on it being merged onto the Festival Republic stage.
  7. Given Slowthai is on the APE line up, saying there is at least one crossover is also a very safe bet, hardly even insider knowledge if you have that.
  8. Ages ago, a post on their story seemingly confirmed so sadly can’t retrieve.
  9. So presumably of the ten we will have Circa Waves and Tom Grennan who have self confirmed. Slowthai and Declan McKenna seem likely and Sam Fender probable. Who else?
  10. Yeah, like I said none would be this year of course. I think he’s working on a new album so would be 2022 at the earliest, probably later. Hope The Strokes at least do a proper UK tour next year.
  11. I don’t think the majority of their side projects would but I could see Albert Hammond Jr. He did a few European festivals in 2018 and his last album was comparatively successful and would sit comfortably with the other Reading Wombats-esque indie pop. The main barrier I see is that he’s too far into his career to take a low position. There’s very few artists lower on the R&L bills who have been around 10+ years. God, imagine The Voidz at Reading. That’d be hilariously odd.
  12. Whilst I dunno if The Strokes will be back anytime soon, I would think some of their side projects would be a good get (for future years, not 2021). Specifically I think Albert Hammond Jr could be a good early afternoon main stage slot and Nick Valensi’s CRX a good early afternoon R1 or later Festival Republic set.
  13. Not even that, it’s likely a behind the scenes for a video. I will admit to having thought ‘God I wish the Strokes just turned up unrealistically’ when I saw that post.
  14. Reckon it tells us there is probably way less thought going into these posters than we speculate. At present I think it’s just a collection of names sorted to the right days. Rest is up in the air
  15. Pretty sure they self confirmed a while back but Circa Waves tour is now mid August so they’re probably a solid
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