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  1. Where abouts does it say this about exclusive North of England show
  2. To answer my own questions: Best act: Wolf Alice (or Sam Fender had I not seen him a couple weeks before) Exceeded expectations: Disclosure, Sports Team and Gerry Cinnamon. New Act: Lyra in the FR stage was cool. Bit Florence and the Machine like. Musical Moment: Live Forever guitar solo. Alfie Templeman playing Smells Like Teen Spirit was also entertaining.
  3. To avoid straying into pessimism, some questions for you all: Best act of the weekend: Act that most exceeded expectations: Best new act you discovered: Best musical moment (song, crowd, etc):
  4. I may consider APE going forward to be honest. I love music and big indie acts. Strokes, National, London Grammar, Massive Attack are all up my alley.
  5. The mosh pits on the first day were all over the place. Inhaler was the peak of this as early on and not loads of people knew the songs. People were opening up pits in the transition from choruses to verses and other odd moments and a bunch fizzled out.
  6. I thought Liam was great but the crowd was mediocre. Obviously very tired and not into it. Gerry exceeded expectations (same for Sports Team day 1, and Disclosure day 2). Crowds did seem a bit rowdy. Some was expected like Slowthai but some were odd like Jake Bugg. Also swear more people on shoulders during popular songs this year. Could barely see wonderwall and I’m not even short. Agree that not every cough is covid give other circumstances. I’ve had a cough two or three weeks and did loads of negative tests but still felt paranoid that people would think I had covid when actually the dust just worsened a regular old cough.
  7. In the continued clusterfuckery of Inhaler, it seems they aren’t doing a DJ set anymore and it’s now Let’s Eat Grandma Vs Nova Twins. Irritating that we got neither that nor Squid at Reading
  8. Also self confirmed again on socials. Reckon they accidentally edited Inhaler to the ‘vs Nova Twins’ DJ set exclusively at Reading and accidentally deleted/changed their original slots in process. Assume Jake’s ‘🤫’ implies he’s a secret set hence not announcing Reading yet?
  9. Will Jake Bugg be the penultimate FR slot? If so feel like he’s not gonna pull that big a crowd after Gerry Cinnamon and/or between/during Liam Gallagher
  10. I think they updated the alternative stage and accidentally applied it to regular set as well. Still weird they don’t seem to be at Leeds
  11. Trying to get to the bottom of the Inhaler thing. I think the Vs Nova Twins thing may be to do with their Reading exclusive DJ set? I consider the ‘vs’ thing to be a DJ thing usually. The bands main stage set is still on my app so maybe they’ve just become Reading exclusive in general just like the DJ set?
  12. Inhaler did cancel gigs this week seemingly due to COVID but didn’t mentioned Reading and Leeds. Nova Twins subbing in one of the band members weirdly wouldn’t surprise me. Perhaps they needed a few days to learn the material? they also are still on my app for Reading if that helps. also in spite of a good evening string the afternoon for Sunday is looking a bit bare for me. Any recommendations on smaller stages?
  13. God, first Doja Cat, now Madison Beer are gone. Some people are gonna be pissed.
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