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  1. Matty is 100% the type to put up on Instagram story to wind people up. I really don't think it's 1975.
  2. This is so disappointing it has to be the truth. Well I enjoyed the idea of 1975 headlining for an evening at least.
  3. Yeah sure there will be a few knocking about tomorrow once confirmed (fingers crossed). Can't see many day ticket holders not wanting to sell. Rage and 1975 can't have many fans in common.
  4. Oh nice, thank you! Question is now, do I risk buying it now or wait for confirmation. Would be very funny if I bought a ticket on the assumption 75 are playing and then it's like gorillaz who swap in.
  5. If anybody has a Leeds Friday ticket they're looking to shift once 1975 are confirmed give me a bell 😉
  6. 1975 listed for R+L on StubHub US...
  7. Most Weekender ticket holders would probably see it as an upgrade, and the pissed off day trippers will either sell their ticket or get a refund.
  8. Get AM to do a 2nd set playing Whatever People Say I Am in full.
  9. God I hope it's 1975, both for the meltdown here and because Id be desperate to go!
  10. For what it's worth, Wombats had a new album in Jan, and played stuff from it last year. So haven't been playing the exact same set, and wouldn't this year. But I see your point, even if as a fan I'd not complain (although I'm only doing AM day so...)
  11. Those subs would be a huge step down. This year was James/Vaccines/Wombats for reference. Get Self Esteem has the local connection and DMA's were down to sub in 2020, but would still be underwhelming. Dizzie as a headliner also underwhelming but that's probably just to me personal, went down well in 2021.
  12. New 1975 tune would sound very good on an R+L main stage 👀
  13. Still don't see why blink-182 keep cropping up. Don't see them taking a MSW slot having already headlined proper twice, and without Tom they're not the same draw. Now the long rumoured second reunion could give them the clout but that's not happened yet. And looks unlikely right now.
  14. Had a great weekend personally. Too many great sets to list but Sea Girls, Vaccines, Courteeners and Vistas highlights Biggest surprise of the weekend was Blossoms by a mile. They smashed their headline set! I've seen them a couple times before but this time was by far the best and the setlist was perfect. Low point was Stereophonics, total snoozefest and what was that setlist? I wanted to see Pale Waves but missus wanted to see Stereophonics, and even she wasn't impressed by them. Festival itself was mostly well run, loved how small the area was, made getting about so easy. The lack of toilets was a ball ache mind you, and entry on Friday morning was a shambles. But overall if the lineup is solid next year, we'd go again!
  15. I bloody well hope so! I didn't used to rate them - skipped them in 2019 to see Vistas - but they were incredible headliners at Y Not this weekend. Upstaged Stereophonics easily, and I came away super impressed. Was just looking at the tour and was disappointed at the lack of Sheffield date, Tramlines slot would be perfect and they'd kill it!
  16. Appreciate music taste is subjective, and maybe you just meant those two acts are more to your taste, but if we're talking objectively in terms of the stature of a headline booking Fender is miles ahead of Jamie T and Libertines, and like it's not even a discussion.
  17. Anybody know if there's any place to get boiling water in the camp sites?
  18. Only the Craft Bar serving draft is pretty bad. I can deal with festival beer prices but paying £6 for literally a can of Red Stripe is tough to swallow.
  19. Would love to see the likes of Sea Girls, Vistas and Pale Waves back. Not a clue about headliners for next year, Stereophonics again maybe or Bombay Bicycle Club?
  20. Doesn't sound too bad, someone on twitter was suggesting it was looking a lot worse. What region/area you searching for the forecast?
  21. Anybody got 2023 tickets tonight? Sorted mine but really hoping that Tramlines comes alongside a long rumoured headline gig at Hillsborough Park next summer!
  22. And with that R+L would officially be 'no longer for me'!
  23. Not hearing great things weather wise 😬
  24. Just back, was a good Tramlines this year but not quite up to previous years imo, granted I missed Saturday as went to see Phoebe Bridgers in Manchester instead. Weather was crap but 2019 was way worse and after a few beers that didn't matter. Fender smashed his headline spot, and Wombats were mint as always. Scouting for Girls surprisingly good fun, and Becky Hill isn't too my taste but enjoyed how much the crowd was into her set. Maybe I'm just getting old but did feel like there was a few dickheads about this year, and all of them very young. Also today (Sunday) felt quite overcrowded, although bar queues were basically non existent so wasn't too much of a problem. Looking forward to next year already, hope I can snag super early bird tickets mind you cause swear prices keep jumping up.
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