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  1. Glasto just cancelled. Can't see boomtown going ahead now as they will need an answer around now as to whether they can go ahead and with Glastonbury not getting the backing it wanted then I think Boomtown don't stand a chance. Sad times but not unexpected
  2. This is 100% a financial thing no matter how boomtown try and dress it up/deny it. But I am going to give them a chance, I am sure they will deliver
  3. Ok I have just had a conversation with boomtown and maybe I was a little hastey. I didnt realise they planned to utilise all of downtowns space and that all music genres will still be represented with BIG stages (especially for reggae apparently) so yes im going to give it a shot. Apologies for the stress earlier
  4. Its not just that, its the progression of the festival. I go to boomtown to be wowed by the massive stages, light shows and pyrotechnics, the massive screens with AMI and the masked man etc... if I wanted what they are offering I would just go to the healing fields in glasto, or to bearded theory or spend more time in whistlers green
  5. I'm absolutely gutted. A story and progression ive been a part of since 2009 just wiped out.
  6. Relic/bang hai towers/Palace. You know what I mean. There's no way all those big stages will be in the bowl, sound restrictions alone wouldn't allow it. I know your a big boomtown fan dude and I respect that, I myself have been attending since 2009 and have literally sang boomtowns praises since day 1... I signed up to their ambassador scheme straight away.... but this is a step back and this is due to financial issues without a doubt (the ambassador program alone suggests that), if boomtown could just be honest then I would be much more inclined to support, why all the cloak and dagger? Everybody is struggling. Such a shame In the unlikely event this isn't financially related then I would have rather waited a couple of years and had boomtown take an extended break until covid is gone and having boomtown back in full (continuing on with state of emergency etc)
  7. I dont understand the reasoning behind this. This cant be covid related. I think this is financial troubles. If it is then I can understand and im more inclined to support the festival and attend, otherwise I'm afraid its a no from me. No lions den, nucleus or relic, boomtown have confirmed to me on Facebook.
  8. Never thought i would say this but... No. Sorry. As somebody who has been attending boomtown since the beginning, I do not want a return to 2009 thanks. Thanks Boomtown its been fun but im out. Fuck covid (although I do think boomtown may be fibbing and this is down to financial troubles)
  9. To be honest I'm really not excited at all. Im braced for a massive disappointment
  10. I find this really sad and hope this is only a temporary thing for next year with a return to the normal festival in 2022. Fingers crossed
  11. This is something I have mentioned many times to people, boomtown eventually is going to have accept some sort of commercialisation in order to survive. The 100% independent thing is not realistic in the long term, especially from a financial point of view. The only festival that can get away with it is Glastonbury and even that isn't 100% independent despite what they try and portray
  12. How do you know it wasn't close to selling out? Do you have a source for this?
  13. I cant see any festivals going ahead until there's a vaccine and it all comes down to social distancing. How do you socially distance a festival crowd, especially in the campsites when they are pissed/on drugs. This is the reality no matter which way you look at it
  14. I wont get my hopes up that this will even go ahead before a vaccine but if it does then im not sure im happy about this 'reimagining' and I hope they don't mean the storyline... AMI was just starting to get interesting and nucleus was an outstanding stage. Please dont try and fix what isnt broken boomtown
  15. More details released on October 1st. Hoping they continue the current story rather then a reset and hoping to see state of emergency. But most of all, hoping the festival is in a strong financial position to come back next year after COVID. Stay safe everybody
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