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  1. Ahhh thank you that's perfect, sort of what I was already think of. I have just bought a second hand Outwell tent - similar to yours, so pleased it isn't too big. I too like to be able to stand up in it too. Previous camping trips I have done blow up beds with quilt and pillows too, I hate sleeping bags! Also good about the booze too. So think I will try and get hold of a solid plastic cool box. Need a bit more lighting too and some fold up chairs I think. Shopping bags for clothes and bits too. Are there shower/washing facilities? Hopefully 2021 then!! Think there was s
  2. Heya all, am new here. Hope you don't mind a few very sad questions!! Well have hit the grand old age of 45, and changed a few bits of of my life for the better. Also never been to a festival before 🙄 My partner has always been a Levs fan and I am now a fan too, love live gigs (cheers for that covid!) So we have made the decision when it starts again to go to beautiful days. I have camped in the past, but with trailer loads of stuff, so really want to know what we are going to need or want to camp there. We will be starting from scratch with camping gear. We haven't got a huge
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