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  1. As did First Aid Kit when I went to see them in Bristol on Sunday.
  2. Punksnotdead


    I'm not being judgemental but.......you forgot your fucking tent?????? 😆
  3. Incidentally, great news that his recovery appears to be going well.
  4. I was only at home watching TV, but Joe from Idles giving a shout out to Big Jeff. Shit, I've got some dust in my eye!
  5. Lmao at the thought that cheese is an upper-middle class food 🤣
  6. Depeche Mode The Strokes Bright Eyes Titus Andronicus Sea Power Mogwai + lots more reggae
  7. Annnnnnd.....another thread turns to shit! Sigh.
  8. Say what? I watched it on TV and I've rarely seen a band so obviously enjoying themselves (the 2 girls anyway) - laughing amongst themselves at the size of the crowd. Check out their reaction to the scream in Ur Mum! An absolute joy to watch!
  9. Not sure if it counts for much as I was only watching from home, but from what I saw: 1. Foals 2. First Aid Kit 3. Pet Shop Boys
  10. Sounds like you were lucky - she sounded like Ian Brown on a bad day!
  11. Presumably when George Ezra was on? 😃
  12. There's a full highlights show on BBC 2 this Friday at 11:05 pm.
  13. I've voted undecided, but unless the doctors find a miracle cure for my mobility issues, I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that 2017 was my last ever. I really enjoyed watching the coverage & commenting on the BBC thread - apart from a couple of moments of FOMO I was OK with it. I think I'm probably done. I shall continue with EOTR though.
  14. 100% this. I remember being in an horrific crush at Villa Park for the football one year & saying to my mates "someone is going to die soon". 5 months later Hillsborough happened!
  15. Got home from seeing First Aid Kit in time to watch the last half hour of Pet Shop Boys - excellent. Might have to wind back & watch from the start.
  16. Don't feed the troll.
  17. At least she's not miming (although maybe she should be). Ah well, over to Fontaines.
  18. A few years ago a few of his mates were camping next to me at EOTR. He came back to their tents one night & kept me up all night, the noisy bastard! 😄
  19. Bugger - messed my timings up, thought they were on at 2:30. On it now.
  20. Self entitled twats sitting on people's shoulders, ruining the view for the people behind. Kids are allowed & people getting up to take a quick photo is OK, but people getting up for 3 or 4 songs at a time can fucking do one!
  21. I won't be watching much today as I'm off to see First Aid Kit/Katy J Pearson in Bristol later. Might catch Warmduscher & Fontaines DC before I leave.
  22. Bruce steals the show!
  23. I watched Jamie T & from the comments I've read I made the right choice. He was excellent, even if he was fucked up!
  24. The news just said it's the full set for Macca!
  25. Was just about to post the same! 😄
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