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  1. 'Steps' cause covid! Fuck me, as if they haven't caused enough grief in their lifetime!!!!
  2. If you don't think 'It's a wonderful life' is the greatest Christmas film, there's no hope for you!
  3. You've probably answered your question in your second sentence. Left wing artists are often sneered at. I've seen her a couple of times in Leftfield at Glasto - she's terrific!
  4. My album of this year was actually released in 2019, but I only discovered it this year after seeing him at end of the road festival - Charlie Cunningham: Permanent Way. Also, last year I got Bdrmm: Bedroom for xmas and that would have been high on last year's list if I'd have heard it earlier.
  5. I've narrowed it down to about a dozen. I'm going to listen to them all again in the next couple of days & decide my final ten. Don't think many of them will be troubling the final leaderboard - ain't gonna be any Wolf Alice, Little Simz or Self Esteem on my list! 🙂
  6. It's possibly my favourite show of the last 20 years! I'm hoping it's still on i-player over xmas so I can binge it again. Spiced rum, pringles, sausage rolls, mince pies & Detectorists - what could be better?
  7. Imagine being so desperate for Starmer to fail and Corbyn to come back that you'd rather suffer another 5 years of Tory incompetence and corruption! - Baffling!
  8. If you're releasing an album on 26th December, you don't deserve to be considered for album of the year! 🙂
  9. Yeah it's easier to have a conversation with God than to speak to a human being at Virgin. Thankfully they have posted on their website that it's a country wide problem, not just me!
  10. I've been transported back in time to 1985 - I only have BBC 1 & 2, ITV & channel 4 on my TV at the moment! Bloody virgin media!!! 😬
  11. I think it would have had more impact if it had come out in the press last xmas, when we were all supposed to be locked in & not seeing our family. As it is, I suspect most people will read it, mutter "bastards" under their breath and then forget all about it!
  12. Congratulations to the makers of 'Showtrial' for snatching the title of 'worst TV drama of the year' from 'Vigil' at the last minute! Absolute fucking garbage! Come on BBC, up your game - that terrible last series of 'Line of Duty', Bloodlands, Vigil and now this shite! It has not been a great year for them! (Sorry to sound like a Tory mp - I love the BBC, but they must do better!)
  13. PIAS are a distributor of records from various independent record labels. Famous for having their warehouse burnt down in the London riots 10 years ago & millions of records being destroyed.
  14. That's a different kind of asylum! 😄 And I'm a United fan (well, sort of - anti Glazer, ex-fan)
  15. Punksnotdead

    Doja Cat

    Just checked this thread for the first time. So, erm..... this Doja Cat, it's like a Cbeebies cartoon character, right? Is it better than Danger Mouse?, better than Top Cat? 🙂
  16. Jeez Louise! How does anyone accept this as fair behaviour?????
  17. Piece of piss innit? Weddings are shit & Glastonbury is fucking ace!
  18. Better than the last couple of seasons but not as good as the first few seasons, IMO.
  19. Thanks. If I get offered the choice, I'll take both in the left arm, but my Mum was told it had to be one in each arm! Dunno what would happen if you only had one arm though!!! 🙂
  20. Any side effects? I'm getting both of mine later today.
  21. Cheers. My heart is fine, shame I can't say the same about my legs! If I do decide to go, I'll probably have to confine myself to the inner circle of the festival - Other, Leftfield, Williams green and Pyramid. Uphill treks to The Park & John Peel are probably out. As for Strummerville - no chance!!! If I do decide to go, it will almost certainly be my last Glastonbury.
  22. Nowt to do with covid, but my ticket might be going back in the pot. My daughter has already put hers back in due to her job. Since we secured tickets, I've had a heart attack and I now have mobility issues. I managed to hobble my way round End of the road festival this year, but Glasto site is probably 20 times bigger, so it's gonna be a struggle! Like you say though, I'm gonna leave it til the last minute to decide, in case my mobility gets better.
  23. Low is in their long list, just not in their top 20. I don't think it's a bad list - a few notable omissions & a bit top heavy with the post punk stuff (not a major surprise for rough trade), but loads of decent stuff on it.
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