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  1. Not a massive fan, but Hundred Reasons announced two farewell shows, playing Ideas Above Our Station in full. Better than that (and the reason I'm going), they've also got Hell Is For Heroes to reform and support, playing Neon Handshake in full.
  2. Started (finally) watching Friday Night Lights. That's one hell of a first episode.
  3. Until Arrested Development comes back, Community is easily the best written comedy on US TV.
  4. ste4_20


    But overall a decent schedule next year. NFC West and AFC South (and Cowboys and Panthers) Can fairly easily go 10-6 Before Cutler and Forte got injured they were only behind the Saints and Packers in NFC terms last year. Now they've got a big WR target and backups in place if the O-line gives up a few sacks and Cutler inevitably goes down. Wasn't expecting Giants Cowboys to open the season on Sept 5th. Was thinking Giants Packers or 49ers. 161 days.
  5. ste4_20


    Thankfully, the QB thing might be over now with Moore and Garrard, otherwise you'd be on to something. In all likelyhood we're second in line for Tannehill though so if the Browns don't take him, think we might. It's been a shocking free agency so far, even by Dolphin standards. All in on Manning was worth a shot but not getting Flynn despite having Philbin raises real questions about what management are doing and more importantly, how they're doing it. Bears have signed Michael Bush. At least their third great pick up of free agency, if they sort our their lines (and sign back Forte despite really pissing him off), they'll be in the running for the NFC.
  6. ste4_20


    4th and a 6th from what I've seen. Trading Tebow as a 3rd and short or option QB could work but this all seems like a way to deflect publicity and attention from Sanchez in the hope that it'll improve him. As a Dolphins fan, I'm starting to see the logic of trading away a Pro-Bowl reciever. Why have a reciever if you don't have a QB? Matt Moore or David Garrard under centre next year. Matt Moore looked decent, but not someone to build a franchise around. Quick points; Bears have gone really under the radar but look scarily good. San Fran did well to not lose anyone. Brandon Lloyd could be in for a huge year. Three year Wembley deal for Rams is looking like good business for 2013 and 2014. Seahawks will push San Fran, but NFC West will be very competitive. Still fancying the Texans for next year.
  7. ste4_20


    There's a good reason Fisher picked the Rams over every other team; short of an O-Lineman or two, offensively they're pretty sound when everyone's fit. Defensively they're a way off, but there's no reason that can't be resolved with a few pick ups here and there. If Bradford can get a good season under his belt and pick someone up to partner Brandon Lloyd, they'll be an entertaining team to watch. The LA/London thing is definitely on, holding only 7 games in LA for a season or two would improve the chances of them ending up there. I think this potentially increases the chances of two games coming over. Have the Rams as the regular game, throw another in at the start of the season. Most chance of the Steelers coming over is a Dublin game due to the history and heritage. Don't have clue about this weekend, could go anywhere. Pats Giants superbowl prediction. Can make an equally good case for a Harbaugh bowl though too.
  8. ste4_20


    Rams Patriots at Wembley this year. Rams for the next three years too. Rams GM owns a lot of Arsenal. Rams looking to move out of St Louis. Draw any conclusion from that you want.
  9. ste4_20


    And as mentioned, got a lot of favourable calls. You could also tell that quite a few Packers hadn't played in three weeks too. For all people are claiming that it's an offense driven league, 3 of the 4 teams left are quite defensively driven and it was turnovers that dictated 3 of the games. If Houston and New Orleans don't turn the ball over as much, they win. Similar for Green Bay. Baltimore were awful yesterday offensively against what admittedly is a superb defence. Completely predictable offense. They'll get destroyed next weekend.
  10. ste4_20


    Also seen they're turning Temple Bar into the tailgate party on the Saturday and having a warm up gig at the o2. Some fans have also got together and got the money to bring over the entire Notre Dame marching band too. Tickets are 30 or 50 euros depending on where you're sitting according to the link sent out to some BUAFL teams too.
  11. ste4_20


    Not seen it mentioned any where on here, but Notre Dame are playing Navy on September 1st in Dublin.
  12. Arrested Development. New season. http://uk.ibtimes.com/articles/223697/20111003/arrested-development-film-news-new-series-confirmed-jason-bateman-arrested-development-film-news-new.htm Thought Dexter was a huge step up from season 5 too.
  13. American TV season properly kicks off again tonight. Comedy starting tonight (except for Its Always Sunny and HIMYM). Dexter and Boardwalk Empire, amongst others, on on Sunday.
  14. ste4_20


    I quite like the guy, but my respect for him after Sunday has rocketed. Remember it was a Tony Romo with cracked ribs and a punctured lung that lead the Cowboys to a win. I've got NFC East as the tightest division. Can make a good case for every team getting out of it, it won't be the Eagles steamrolling it as everyone had it down to be. Once Bradford gets going (and he will), Rams have NFC West on a 9-7.
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