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  1. He went on a 5 minute missive about it in between songs when he played in ‘19. Say what you want about BB but he loves a crumble, that can’t be denied.
  2. Bought me some ponchos which I sincerely hope will be a waste of money.
  3. I for one am looking forward to the Sonic headliners of Orbital, Fatboy Slim and Kylian Mbappe.
  4. As pretty as the oil drums look, they’re woefully inadequate for waste and recycling and make the place look a bit crap when they inevitably overflow.
  5. Flags get an unfair press and overall add more to the festival then they detract from it. When you consider the amount of people they have to serve, potentially dodgy food trucks etc, the toilets aren’t as bad as they could be. Being in a 4 hour queue on Wednesday morning is a mug’s game.
  6. Thought that ship has sailed sadly, and more for the buildings that have been built rather than the ones that haven’t . https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-57879475 Seen some pretty bad teams in the flesh this year, but I’d say Everton have been the worst of the bunch, a shambolic defence and somehow even worse going forward. They could still stay up but more because the bottom 3 have too much ground to make up than anything they do. Rip it up and start again.
  7. Thanks for the reminder, been waiting for the cheapos to go on line. To that end, all booked for the 0715 out of Paddington Wednesday morning.
  8. Hanson ain’t headlining Glastonbury mate.
  9. Leather cowboy hat. Gives you protection in the sun and keeps the rain off your face when it’s pissing down.
  10. Walking past the shite trolleys with broken wheels in the queue is always a sorry sight. The first casualty of the festival. Buy cheap, buy twice.
  11. Can imagine it being like this. Bridgers Bicep Kendrick (assuming I’ve got a date for seeing PSB in Camden by that point)
  12. It’s a shame she’s a touch averse to playing live. If she’s half as good as she was in Hyde Park in 2016 she’d be great. But looking at set list she’s not done a full length show since. Baz would be my vote as well.
  13. Lovely nod to the illegible 2020 Glasto poster. Glad it got rescheduled though
  14. No point when it obscures vision more when it’s down then when it’s up. I wouldn’t actually be opposed to a ban in front of the crush barriers.
  15. Pro flag to the extent I actually carry one. Never done it for TV (rarely close enough to the front tbh) but for making sure our group can find each other. Being annoyed with chairs and blankets is a totally different debate. If Hyde Park proves anything it’s that banning flags won’t solve that issue. Do I annoy people behind me? Probably- but I’m 6’4” so have been pissing off people behind me at gigs for a very long time. It’s on a 6m pole so should be out of most sightlines. To the other debate, not enough places do Salt and Pepper crisps. Think Kettle do but can’t think of any others.
  16. Me and Mrs S have paid. Good timing as got my bonus yesterday. Few waverers in our extended group- really don’t know how many will stick. Feels good!
  17. I’m in the same boat. Plenty of my people didn’t make it, and anything to help make the resale pot as big as possible it’s good with me. While it’s not common for the poster to be out post balance deadline, it’s no unheard of. And who knows? With this year and potential reticence of foreign acts, it may well be later.
  18. It absolutely would if we were on the continent, but in this country everyone but the last act are going to be playing in daylight.
  19. Absolutely- say Foals top the other this year, you wouldn’t say they’re “headlining Glastonbury”. Ultimately only one artist can go on last, whatever gimmicks Melvin decides to label it with it’s really just a very big sub slot.
  20. Seeing as that’s when sexual intercourse began, I’d say unlikely.
  21. Live in a sub Live in a submarine Sky of blue, sea of green And it was all yellow…
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