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  1. Anyone knows how it ended with the tower-climber(s) at the Jungle concert?
  2. The turnout was impressive I would say. The organisation indicated on the big screens that there would be some free space on the left side, but that's where I was and it was fully packed. Probably lots of Beliebers who were camping as well to be fair, but the crowd knew most of the songs by heart where I stood.
  3. I actually thought it was better than I expected, but also bailed after 20 minutes, now we're up for Woodkid and Jungle. How did you like Stromae?
  4. It was very crowded on the field during Dua Lipa. We went further and further to the side but even there it was a bit too much. Good concert, but couldn't fully enjoy it because of the chaos around us. My highlight was Xurxo Fernandes! Both Global Village and Europe Stage are so much more comfortable and the acts are very original. Loving it!
  5. Update: Booking.com have solved the problem for them, in a big way. They now stay at a 5-star hotel close to the festival. Classy.
  6. Friends of mine got scammed on Booking.com and found out today that they don't have an accommodation for the week. Does anyone have a golden tip for them? They are with a group of seven. Of course they can always buy tents and sleep at the festival, but maybe someone knows someone who had to cancel last-minute or something. You never know..
  7. Does anyone know why she canceled? Curious whether she will also cancel Lowlands (and who would replace her there).
  8. We live in the Netherlands and we're flying from Brussels Charleroi. Wizz Air to Budapest and Ryanair back to Brussels.
  9. Moonlight Benjamin, Minyo Crusaders and Volosi are all quality entertainment. If you also like the really traditional folk you can also go for Xurxo Fernandes, Lalala Napoli or Rodopi Ensemble. Los Orangutanes looks promising too. But I'm also very curious about the late night acts that are slightly more electronic such as Zar Electrick, Balaphonik Sound System and Zorg & Zoord.
  10. Very happy with the line-up of the Global Village, but also some nice acts at the Europe Stage and Petöfi. Of course, curious to see big acts like Dua Lipa and Stromae but the lesser known acts on smaller stages will really make it memorable and unique for me. Can't wait! Biggest clash for me is the first day already: I wanted to see Milky Chance and Noga Erez but turns out Duckshell and Xurxo Fernandes are also epic. They all play around 17.00..
  11. Is it me or are there new names on the website? Moonlight Benjamin for instance wasn't on there last week.
  12. Is the boat party worth it you guys think?
  13. Plus Global Village?
  14. Me neither. Did they forget?!
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