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    Our Glastonbury 2018 Weekend

    So, while not originally planning on doing anything Glastonbury related for the fallow year, we got the opportunity to attend a fundraising event on Friday night with an appearance from a certain Mr Eavis. Michael gave a talk about how he started the festival and some of the challenges he's faced over the years, whilst taking questions from anyone that had them. Me and the wife were just in awe hearing it all from the man himself and could have listened all night. Said all three headliners are sorted for next year (last one confirmed at roughly 5pm that same day on a call from LA...), and they're also currently working on 2020's headliners. As expected a lot of potential names were brought up, with Michael saying The Smiths would be his dream headliner but he can't see it ever happening. Also talked about Led Zepellin, and again how he doesn't think that'll happen. Fleetwood Mac mentioned, saying that they'd be great but don't know if it would be the same without all of them (not big enough of a fan to know their many lineups through the years sorry), however, also dropped in that he'd just spoken to Mick Fleetwood yesterday (Thursday) so make of that what you will, especially coupled with the apparent final headliner booking... Never thought I'd get a chance to meet the man in person, nevermind in such an intimate venue (Meare Church Rooms), and huge credit to Michael for staying at the end to chat with everyone, take pictures and sign things; an absolute gent! Doubt they get on here, but got to say a huge thank you to whoever organised the event as well. Whilst we were down that way (all the way from Sunderland) we made sure to visit the Tor, the Chalice Well and of course the site! Surreal seeing it as it is now, with some areas quite eerie, looking abandoned almost. Highly recommend anyone to check it out if passing by that way, it's something we've always wanted to do but aren't exactly in the neighborhood too often 😋 Sorry for what is a bit of a brain dump, only just got back and didn't want to forget the details as thought some people on here might be interested. Happy to answer any questions or post pictures if people want them 😊