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  1. I run a shop in Bristol with a friend based around eco parenting/scandi organic clothing/cloth nappies and we are planning on applying to trade at Glastonbury next year, I know it's a few months until applications open but I want to iron out all the details before applying and have a few questions for those who have traded or know plenty about trading at Glastonbury... What sort of marquee would you recommend for the stall? The strongest available or will a decent quality (£250ish) pop up do? How do you keep your stock secure at night? I'm worried about theft as it's only behind zipped marquee fabric essentially! Used to a double locked door, burglar alarm and shutters at our shop. 🙈 How many passes did you apply for as a non food trader? We are thinking 8 so we aren't all working non stop, is this reasonable for a 4*3m stall with clothes rails Infront? Roughly what's the general cost of a non food stall this size? I now it varies by area but just any idea whatsoever would be good, I can't find anything online! Thanks in advance, and any additional info or personal experience would be fantastic, I've read the glasto traders info back to front a hundred times but I like to be prepared 🤷‍♀️.
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