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  1. Good to know that I don't want to see 30 Seconds live ever DM are lengends and yeah they are playing festivals even though they are so big so no problem for them and Ken is it possible for press to get this backstage bracelet? about The Killers they are performing on Inmusic around 21st of June and on Mad Cool, so would say they are pretty likely
  2. They performed instead of 30 Seconds?
  3. They told that festival will have some old acts and some new, so I assume that they already know all the names as well as the dates. Names are let's say less important now than dates now, think it's time to tell us about dates and let us to plan our trip They were on IG stories.
  4. Still no dates? In Q&A they told that they already know all lineup (mix of last year and some new added), so it's time to tell us about the dates
  5. Think it's more likely that we'll have festivals in Europe than in the US, but again there is a problem: How to put US acts and all crew on festival without quarantine? Things with club limit will be the most crucial in the US: if they are able to handle 1500 ppl inside, you know that festivals will be likely.
  6. What a situation, hope that Mayor's office won't let dam, meaning Sziget is very important for tourism. But I can see how this affects artists now. So dates probably around 30th of September?
  7. OMG, so probably we'll lose Sziget? Sziget is just posting virtual festival stuff and nothing about the dates which is weird.
  8. Roskilde is from 26th od June, don't see a problem
  9. Looks like they are confirming all festivals, need to confirm Garorock and Roskilde to
  10. It's not a problem about going on, acts are problem. Can't see US bands touring for a long time unfortunately. Without vaccine slight hope for US.
  11. They need to put the dates unless they won't lose artists, some festivals put out dates right after cancellation announcement. Idk why they need to wait longer then 5th of August, only if they already have all acts confirmed.
  12. It's hard to imagine them ignoring Sweden. They performed everytime in Sweden after new LP was realised , so the option is to put Scandinavian festivals in 2022 (with Sziget) or do it the next year. They aren't doing Lollapalooza in Stockholm, so Way Out West is the only chance for Sweden. I saw that they are doing one cancelled US show in March 2022, so maybe they are planning to to the rest of US shows at that time.
  13. Where did you read about US shows in August? Only problem can be the fact that US shows won't be possible in the first half of the year, so they'll need to reschedule them later and August looks like a pretty option unfortunately. But again they have fall/winter which is the most possible for indoors in US, but again think that The Voidz are planning to record the album at that time, so problems again. It's very possible that they accepted Outside Lands somewhere in March cuz lineup appeared in April where European festivals started to get canceled. EDIT: and Scandinavian festivals looks like totally mess in 2021, almost all in the same week, so I think that they would skip them which makes Sziget whit Splendour In The Grass in late July and Outside lands in 8th of July little possible.
  14. I've read that HAIM accept only festivals who are consistend of at least 50% female acts, maybe that's the key
  15. Hope that it would be around 5th of August, otherwise they are in risk of losing some acts. It looks like some acts were calculating with postponed or scheduled festivals later this year
  16. They 'll try to reschedule most of the acts probably, so they'll put some similar dates like this year I think
  17. They did a show in Berlin in February , so don't think so, maybe in 2022 Think it's time for Vienna after almost 20 years
  18. Ok you gave me hope, Strokes are really not act like Lana or Taylor to cancel European tour
  19. I know, but they confirmed this festival and still not Werchter and others European, there is probably the reason for this, hope that the reason is just keeping the main acts for the final lineup
  20. Strokes confirmed for Splendour in the Grass in Australia in late July and if they won't confirm Werchter think they'll be out of Europe for the rest of the summer BKS is just confirmed cuz it's around time of Primavera, think they are planning to separate festivals between 2021 and 2022
  21. sry forgot to quote, post it above
  22. Deezer is a streaming platform like Spotify, doubt that they would lie about it, but who knows who is editing this cuz link on Deezer now appears broken, when I posted it you were able to enter in event: it could be fake or strong leak
  23. Just found out on Deezer that PJ is confirmed for Werchter
  24. Ok, idk the procedure, just asking, so they will be back if not next year in 2022
  25. Then they are paying a huge penalty right?
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