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  1. Any chances for extra weekend one Cuitat performer like Beach House? Most of them are from the 2nd weekend.
  2. One of the best INmusic lineups for sure.
  3. Think she's very likely for Primavera
  4. She will play stand-alone show in Barcelona, then show in Madrid and after that the 2nd weekend of Primavera. She'll be in Spain for almost 2 weeks.
  5. It's time for 2nd week new announcement.
  6. That's the point and key of booking the headliners. And there is nothing more annoying than teenagers on festivals.
  7. I was asking about that I while ago, but people here mentioned that if you have VIP ticket or W1+W2 that you'll get priority ticket. I asked for procedure in case of having just one week ticket, even I asked Dice and they didn't respond me..
  8. I live in Balkan, no one of these mentioned weren't in my country.
  9. So no chance for Wolf Alice, Royal Blood, St. Vincet, Phoebe Bridgers and The War On Drugs. I don't think it's boring lineup.
  10. Thanks, 4 of us are coming, so Gracia is one of the option.
  11. And where do you suggest to book for a sort of resonable price? We will try to book as soon as possible.
  12. When is the best time for booking airbnb? It looks to early now. And where to book, downtown or near Forum?
  13. I'll be there, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to access there.
  14. I'm really afraid that something like that will happen. Can imagine Slowdive and Gorillaz or Dua Lipa clash, that will be to hard for me to handle 😞
  15. Thanks, so no Barca sightseeing for me :/
  16. I counted like 18 stages wow. Never been to that big festival. And it's quite late festival since acts are playing at 3,4 am?
  17. My question is how many stages Primavera has and how many acts you can actually see each day? And when concerts usually starts?
  18. It's time for MBV to make new album!!! btw what about Wolf Alice, London Grammar, Sufjan Stevens, Glass Animals?
  19. So Slowdive is the next day in Porto? I'm really looking forward to them though I'm affraid I'll cry after.
  20. But if I have to queue up, probably I need to ask for places in advance somewhere?
  21. That small??? Can I subscribe myself+1 person somehow? anyway, my top 3 W2: Thu: Dua Lipa, Gorillaz, Slowdive Fri: Massive Attack, Jesus and Mary Chain,Strokes Sat: Tame Impala, YYY, Sky Ferreira
  22. Huh I'm not sure how citutad is working. You need VIP ticket or luck? Sure I want to see Jamie XX, can skip Beck if he'll headline another festival I'm attending.
  23. I bought it w protection, it's just 15 euros more to be more safe
  24. I got confirmation from Dice, but without ticket in pdf or batch code. I downloaded the app and I see that I bought the ticket, but again without download anything. Is it ok? Sorry, I'm new to this.
  25. You're lucky man! Wish could do the same if I had more money and time.
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