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  1. Which of them have a decent price? I mean not more than 10 euros per meal, last time when I was there you were able to eat for 10 euros
  2. Will check, I forgot to mention bunch of them like Japanese Breakfast, Wayes Blood, Boy Harsher, Metronomy, Romy, Jamie xx so it will be really a challange to see all of them.
  3. At least I find them more interesting than Bieber.
  4. I hope that since I want to plan domestic concerts, some of them are Primavera acts, so.
  5. What a downgrade from 2020, Bieber who in 2022? I hope it's not full line up
  6. There is actually a cover available so, I think that's it. My list without any specific order: 1) Beach House 2) Slowdive 3) Caroline Polachek 4) The Strokes 5) Sky Ferreira 6) Tame Impala 7) YYY 8 ) Pavement 9) JAMC 10) Gorillaz 11) Charli XCX 12) DIIV 13) Bikini Kill 14) The National
  7. Because it's really where we live in. I'm not affraid of Covid right now like escalation of potential war which I thought was impossible couple of weeks ago.
  8. What about sangria? It's a typical Spanish beverage
  9. https://www.dinosaurjr.com/tour Dinosaur Jr rescheduled their European tour keeping both Barcelona and Porto in for now.
  10. But didn't someone mentioned post about technical issues for US performers right now? I mean, I don't know how it works on technical site, but I guess you can't orginize all last minute?
  11. So kind of fucked up for US citizens enter to Spain: https://www.sanidad.gob.es/en/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov/spthRequisitosEntradaEspana/home.htm
  12. If they will do the same, probably the rest will do for the festivals as well. There is a slight difference between open stadium and festival in terms of crowd.
  13. But if all US acts drop out, Primavera can't go on. There are some Australian/NZ acts based in US mostly like Tame Impala, Lorde and then they are questionable as well. That's the biggest concern, not how the situation will look like in June, but if logistic will be adaptable for a new condition.
  14. So this means that US acts are not sure yet?
  15. Looking forward to Smile, but I see some potential clash with The Strokes or JAMC
  16. Or take a walk through the city. It's such a pitty to go to the Barcelona and don't see the city at all. Ok if you're staying there only for 3 days, it can be exausting to do sightseeing+ festival.
  17. Well I have plane ticket bought a while ago, but... Accomodation booked as well, but I can cancel it until May
  18. If they lose headliner or two, I expect of them to book new one. Primal Scream will be fine.
  19. Most of the acts have German dates during May/June and these are Primavera acts. I don't believe they will left measures, it's better for an artist to cancel German dates and change it for some other, think it's even possible now. And if you need to be negative even thou you're vaccinated, you're in risk of tested postive and in this case your festival journey is already over. That makes artists impossible to plan anything.
  20. Do bands really need get tested before every f show even if they are vaccinated? I think that technical issue is just an excuse, true reason is Omicron.
  21. I don't care about promoters if the line- up is stacked. Many acts who played Coachella in the past are now playing This Aint No Picnic without any desire to come back to Coachella.
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