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  1. 19 hours ago, SwallowOrSleepOnTheWetSpot said:

    Yeah I stood at the FOH for Beach House and they sounded loud enough for me. It seemed it was mainly other stages where the volume should have been turned out. Had no problems at Binance.

    Beach House were really loud at the beginning and they moderated their sound, but again they were lound. They are always loud live.

    Binance is with Cupra probably my favourite stage. Sound was clear and great every time.

  2. On 6/20/2022 at 11:02 PM, Olivedal 1904 said:

    Attending the double weekend was so perfect in theory but almost impossible to enjoy fully the last days. I had to limit myself and missed plenty of shows the last two days that seemed essential. Primavera is such a weird process/experience. Building excitement gradually for nearly a year in advance. Then euphoria especially in the beginning of the fest. Gradually enjoying less during the festivald due to fatigue/being hungover/aching feet. First few days after the festival feeling like I might never wanna go to a festival again. And now I am starting to forget the negative sides and already thinking of buying an early bird ticket for next edition. Best moments of the trip was probably the non music related, like meeting new people and skipping the ciutat shows on the Monday to go for amazing tapas and local wine. Favourite moment at the festival was definitely finally succeeding to get drinks after an hour in queue Thursday W1 and storm off to see the Armed feeling the effect of the alcohol kicking in. 

    Favourite shows for me:

    Mogwai x 2.

    Slowdive at Razzmatazz

    King Gizzard at Razzmatazz and Sala Apolo


    The Armed

    Fontaines DC


    The Smile

    Carolina Durante

    Les Savy Fav at Sala Apolo

    Amyl & the Sniffers - would have been even better at a smaller stage. 

    The Murder Capital

    Plenty of other enjoyable stuff like Rigoberta Bandini, Pond, RBCF, JAMC, Dreamcatcher and Caroline Polachek.

    Biggest disappointments for me were The National and Beach House. Both great performances from the bands but way too quiet despite being about 30 meters from the stage. Even Dinosaur Jr was really quiet but that seemed to improve in the end.

    Tomorrow I will be back to live music for Big Thief which means that threeway clash with Interpol and Slowdive hurts a little less. 

    Beach House was too quite? Man, I was in front and I almost puked once with earplugs how loud they were lol. 

    They had way better sound than Slowdive  in Razzmatazz, Slowdive was more proper for Cupra stage than Razzmatazz.

  3. 45 minutes ago, branvan said:

    And about Covid/Cups: Nowadays unbelieveable: When buying a beer sometimes you got a used cup from another person without cleaning or anything. For me, having been there for my 8th time, there were too many downers this year. They will win some people over the world but will lose some in Barcelona. 

    I've noticed that! I gave them a cup for refill and they gave me the cup from another person who was ordering with me! I was always asking for a new cup just to escape using my old dirty one, but looks like it was a mistake.

    I ended up with some sort of cold, my flight went terrible cuz of that, I didn't take a test and I'm working from home now. My friend developed the same symptoms at the same time! We still think that it was maybe cuz of Razzmatazz, but maybe cups, who knows. I've seen dirty cups in Razzmatazz as well, just washed by pure water.

    However, if I'm doing Primavera next year, I'll do just Barcelona. Two weeks is def too long for someone who is hitting 30 soon.

    It was a great time, maybe I'll write a review about the artists I've seen.

  4. On 5/24/2022 at 1:48 PM, FloorFiller said:

    They play something from every album. What were you hoping for? 

    Westing, weird choice I know

    JAMC- Honey's Dead

    Beach House- Thank Your Lucky Stars


    Looks like I'm gonna miss JAMC cuz of The Strokes, looks like they will only play the 2nd weekend

    EDIT: it's rumour that Nick is positive, which means that maybe the rest of them end positive as well 😞


  5. 16 hours ago, BenG92 said:

    5k, the Rina and Little Simz shows STILL have tickets available so it really should not be an issue getting in without one

    My plan is to spend whole Wednesday there, I hope it will be possible.

    About Beach House, I really prefer a way more 7 tour, but I'm gonna see them for the 1st time and happy about it.

    About Disclousure, friend is up to them, I don't really mind and won't be for running after excellent BH show.

  6. 7 hours ago, puckno said:

    Imo 40 minutes for DIIV is blasphemic. They're squeezed in between napalm death at adidas and beach house at primavera. I understand the need for 1 hour for napalm death, with a zillion records in their discography, and the urge to get beach house going. Still a shame though.

    Really want to see DIIV, but idk how it will work for Beach House. I have to be in first rows and centered during Beach House set and DIIV kind a ruin things a bit. Idk how long takes to get from Plentitude to Binance? Is it the best option to skip DIIV (damn) for Beach House?

  7. 3 hours ago, Bram said:

    Just saw this Beach House performance at Colbert. Frickin Brilliant. Definitely will skip Tyler set 

    Vocals are not live here. I've watched a tons of their videos, but Victoria will sing live on Primavera ofc.

  8. 1 hour ago, TiZuff said:

    click on "claim from dice" or something similar. if that doesnt show , shut down the app and reload it until it does show. it didnt for me a few times

    Ok thx, I have claim from Dice option.

    I really wanted to see Japanese Breakfast, but she was so upset about Covid, so I assume that she maybe dropped out cuz of Primavera is no longer asking for Covid pass.

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