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  1. The Cure - 123 Radiohead - 160 The Rolling Stones - 168 Beyoncé - 60 Stevie Wonder - 190 Blur - 244 R.E.M. - 219 (+10) David Bowie - 270 Pulp - 126
  2. The Killers - 16 (+10) The Cure - 128 Radiohead - 134 The Rolling Stones - 164 Beyoncé - 57 Stevie Wonder - 189 Blur - 244 R.E.M. - 204 David Bowie - 263 Pulp - 111
  3. Is there a 2022 self-confirmed thread already (having trouble with forum search at the moment)? Because Aerosmith shifted their tour to 2022 and self-confirmed again for Glasto-Saturday. https://www.aerosmith.com/tour For comparisonthe officially announced dates for 2021: 29.05.2021, Moscow, RS 02.06.2021, Zurich, CH 05.06.2021, Madrid, ES 08.06.2021, Lisbon, PT 11.06.2021, Milan, IT 14.06.2021, Paris, FR 17.06.2021, Middelfart, DK 20.06.2021, Dessel, BE 23.06.2021, London, UK 29.06.2021, Manchester, UK 02.07.2021, Sheffield, UK 05.07.2021, K
  4. I can totally see that happening - but at Friday 11am. Don't think we'll get crazy stuff like 2 headliners per day but they most probably want to kick of the main stage programm with a bang and that would be the most easy one to do so. For the headliners I guess Kendrick will move on, Macca depends on his health in one year or so and Taylor will play.
  5. They were included in the poster drop in June as you see in the poster linked in the post you cited. And they were re-announced for 2021 by the festival in May along most of the other big acts. It's not just them cancelling some tour dates in spring, it's all live activities and includes festival gigs planned for autumn. https://www.hurricane.de/de/infos/news/2020-2021/ You have to be realistic at this point, as stated by others. Other acts will follow shortly.
  6. But Tones & I was already re-confirmed for Hurricane and Southside 2021.
  7. Maybe, but who would want Tame Impala, The Strokes and Gorillaz as the three Pyramid headliners?
  8. Guns N‘ Roses have a Glasto shaped hole in their new tour dates. Would the Eavii be interested to book them? Not sure, especially if Macca is still in the frame.
  9. Alicia Keys rescheduled her tour and she has a suspicious gap again. June 24 Krakow June 25 Prague June 30 Madrid July 04 Barcelona
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