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  1. Yeah for clarification he’s 3rd down not headlining
  2. MSE: the 1975 / future / headie one MSW: paramore / Olivia roderigo / don bronco MSE: travis Scott / Lizzo / Jamie T MSW: sam fender / the kooks / Anne Marie MSE: dua lipa / Rex Orange County / idles MSW: kasabian / Loyle Carner / charli xcx ur gunna tell me I’ve got paramore Lizzo and idles too low but let a boy doing his a levels be optimistic about something for once 🥲
  3. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3XthgbNaTaRaDi8Z4JX4HW?si=YE6zM8OIREWVoKtQD90TKw
  4. I know those last 2 headliners have meant to have played previous years but still disappointing lack of band/rock act
  5. It sold very well from the first announcement - I’d say more than half of the people I knew who got tickets are now looking to sell after the 2nd and 3rd. I can’t speak for those outside the 17-19 age range but it has not gone down well with us (after a promising first 20 names)
  6. this is crazy. I am 18. I know shit tons of people who went to see dave because they love him as an artist. The same with easy life and Loyle Carner and glass animals and Liam Gallagher and catfish and aj Tracey and even bloody wolf Alice and the vaccines (to name a few off the top of my head from recently). I live in Devon. In the middle of nowhere. People have to travel at least an hour to get to Plymouth or Bristol to see these acts - a lot of them further to Cardiff Birmingham London. A lot of them go to concerts once a month or so. It’s ridiculous to claim people my age would do this soley to take videos and show them to their fiends - especially when some people I know are spending pretty much all the money they have on these giggs. Just cause we’re young doesn’t mean we can’t have an individual music taste and like artists and actually go and see them live because we want to sing along edit: dan pls just a small hint
  7. Bar the 3 expensive (bur boring) headliners plus Bastille, Bombay and the wombats, everyone on that lineup is far too high up imo - especially the Latham’s extremely uninspiring letdown imo
  8. Massive drop in quality from boardies after the last 3 years - any names we could see at r/l tho?
  9. Don’t think enter shikari will be - just not big enough with 90% of the current crowd (I doubt most people going will have even heard of them)
  10. Wombats and Mabel Friday Mura masa Saturday aj tracey and Anderson paak Sunday
  11. Muse but would probably get KOL
  12. Wombats album is brilliant shame we’ve had them on the lineup the last 3 festivals cause it would be good to see some of these songs at r/l
  13. Dave > polo g > little Simz Meghan the stallion > playboi carti > glass animals AM > wolf alice > Fontaine’s DC BMTH > mgk > enter Shikari RATM > RTJ > the vaccines halsey > Bastille > charli XCX
  14. I actually forgot to post this back when then lineup came out and everything went down so if anyone wants an alternative playlist then
  15. Kasabian are far too big to sub and definitely bigger than Bastille. edit: even with new lead singer
  16. on that note… https://open.spotify.com/playlist/31zow98lE8uxAZCcZt2FyM?si=hVmvs7bJQamPyXQU3oGx6g
  17. They’re one of my 3. A very boardmasters pick (especially for Saturday headliner) imo would need to be 2 more younger-generational picks with it to appeal to the target audience the festival has got
  18. Daves strongly rumoured to headline reading and Leeds as one of the big 3 of the 6 headliners (same spot as stormzy, post malone and Liam Gallagher last year) he also exclusively headlined parklife last year so he has and probably will do much bigger than boardies edit: I’d love to see him at boardies but I think it’s just one step further than the Florence or kings of Leon size headliners we’ve been getting. Or if we did get him the other 2 headliners would be small
  19. Dave too big and streets too small to headline imo
  20. where would lorde fit on the lineup? MSW headliner or sub?
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