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  1. very kind words, thank you very much. i will be sure to!
  2. Hi all, my band have released our debut today, link here - https://smarturl.it/ACauseInDistress head over to FB to drop us a like if you’re digging it, let me know your thoughts! https://www.facebook.com/acauseindistress/
  3. Hi @eFestivals would you have an issue with me sharing my bands release in this forum next Friday? Just wanted to be careful in case I’m breaking some kind of self promo rule.
  4. Eid Al-Adha tmo. Gov are well aware of rising numbers all week. They are dying for a scapegoat, they know what they are doing.
  5. Yes but much more difficult to actually enforce the rule to prevent people from visiting houses. Might as well ban people from going to the pubs if the numbers are rising again, that way you can actually enforce the rule by shutting the pubs no? edit - or better yet, do both?
  6. Really ambiguous statement. Are the government suggesting you can still go to pubs if you live in the affected areas however can’t go round other peoples houses?
  7. Exile is a banger, Bon Iver is so good at what he does man.
  8. Haha will do, cheers mate. I will drop @eFestivals a pm.
  9. Guys, apologies, bit off topic. My band have a release soon and I want to share it with the forum, would I be allowed to make a thread with FB ink, IG link, Twitter link etc. dedicated to the release upon release date? Is this type of self promotion allowed on this forum?
  10. That Friday night clash is horrible
  11. On Ed and Adele, that's why they headlined, for that reason exactly. Tbf Matt, guitar band headliners at Glastonbury are more widely accepted by joe public than a solo pop artist. It's just the way it is because of years and years of it. You can't really compare it imo. Comparing her to solo artists - Taylor is bigger mate, her bigger songs have been around for longer and she tops that solo artist category, kind of goes back to what I was saying regarding people getting why she is topping the bill and not putting it down as a 'weird' or 'shit' booking.
  12. Good question tbf. Both maybe? I think there is being really popular then there is headlining Glastonbury because you're a good fit, and you are really popular. I just don't think AG does? I know she did Coachella (which is now a celeb thing more than anything) however I really don't see her as a Glasto festival headliner. At least in recent years with Adele and Ed (solo headliner artists) there was this understanding from people who don't like them that they are at the top of their game and arguably should be there - I think AG will be seen as a bit of a shit booking by people who aren't keen on her, I feel people won't be as understanding as they were with Stormzy, Ed and Adele yet. I think that's kind of why they won't book her (especially alongside the 1975, who let's face it, aren't widely loved in the slightest). I think you obviously have to be elite to headline. Personally, I don't see her in the elite class of female solo Pop artists. Gaga, Beyonce, Swift, Adele etc. I think this kinda feeds back into my first point, if any of them 4 headline, to joe public and the media, it makes sense and it's a solid booking. With AG, it's almost as if they are taking a punt (which doesn't make sense because she IS huge) to get her on. Yeah, last 2 albums were decent but was anything before that good? Not that great imo. Let me just say tho, she is fucking huge. Of course I understand how big she is.
  13. Well tbf i was only comparing female solo artists that have (would have) headlined in recent memory. I think she is levels below every headline act from the last 4 years and can't see her being booked as a headliner. Album was wicked tho.
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