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  1. I’m wondering about when they will start issuing refunds!
  2. Any idea when they will start refunding ? Am I right to assume they have 14 days to refund from when it was supposed to be on?
  3. Anyone had an email for refunds ect
  4. It says if you want refund you will get it?
  5. What does that mean though ? How can they do that people book for when people can go...
  6. This is all getting a little silly now Spain has extended its state of emergency as well so annoying not to have an announcement literally are there any festivals now going ahead in July ???? Except mad cool of course jesus
  7. So does that mean we won’t a refund
  8. Beg your pardon, it was false news website x
  9. Spain have just officially announced they have closed their boarders to tourists until October
  10. I just have a feeling we won’t get any sort of refund
  11. My last payment is 9th of may. My guess is they will still take it even if the event is cancelled but if I cancel the last payment then they will probably use it against giving me a refund. I have 4 tickets as well , what a mess
  12. Can’t believe there’s still no announcement
  13. So when realistically do you think cancellation will be announced? Madness
  14. Another payment for the ticket taken today so I guess no chance or any announcement anytime soon 😖
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