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  1. Hi everyone, Just an update on the situation. Despite initially saying they wouldn't, Ticketmaster have now refunded me the money for all the gigs I couldn't make. So fair play to them. I also had tickets for a gig in Germany via Eventim. They refused to refund me so as per suggestions on this thread I claimed a refund through my bank account (I had actually used my revolut) which has been successful. So cheers guys!
  2. Thanks i will try this if they aren't helpful in reply to my email
  3. interesting, what bank are you with? did you just give them a ring?
  4. Cheers for advice and input guys, I did tweet them and they replied quickly saying to contact the online helpdesk. So I have done that. Will let you know how i get on for anyone in the same situation.
  5. yeah guess i can do that but number of the gigs weren't sold out so wont be able to get any money back until next year for most of them and if i can will probably be a lot less than i paid for them
  6. Hi everyone, Used to post on the forum lots back in the day but cant get access to my old account as my old email server seems to have disappeared. Gutted at Glasto being cancelled, was going to be my first year. I am planning on moving to Australia in August and hopefully thats still going to happen with whats going on. Still planning on flying back for rescheduled Glasto next year though! The issue i have is that as an avid gig goer, i have spent hundreds of pounds on upcoming gigs that are now rescheduled. If i was staying in the country i would be happy with that but unfortunately i
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