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  1. Most definitely going to be tuning in from a shed in someone's garden, proudly wearing my Hobo T-Shirt, drinking scrumpy and rattling a pot or three!!
  2. The friends I was going with have a field of a garden in Somerset, so I'm hoping we'll be putting up the tent, having the BBC (God bless their Pilton dedication!) turned up loud and having a Glastribute with lots of alcohol
  3. That's ME!!! I'm listening to Coldplay Chris Martin actually even stemmed the flow of my tears this morning and put a smile back on my face. I sang really loud to Head Full of Dreams on my journey to work, and by the time I got here I had a massive smile on my face!! That's no mean feat considering I work in Emergency Services and times are hard out here! What an amazing thing though, to light that little spark in a human and know it spread to a sunbeam shining from their face, all from the music you make. Thank you Chris Martin, thank you Coldplay
  4. Don't apologise for expressing your feelings! I feel gutted too. 'Just a festival' doesn't cut it with me. For many reasons, it has become a huge thing for me. For others, it is bigger still, and their MH is affected by the event. In solidarity with you, and not ashamed that I had a little cry! Let's be kind, people. You never know what people are coping with from day to day, on top of this bastard virus x
  5. Maybe GFL wanted people to know, but weren't allowed to make the announcement officially before a few other things occur (staff officially informed for one!) Perhaps this was a cunning way around it?
  6. We can't know how much the festival being cancelled will cause people to have MH upsets. Personally I feel pretty desperate and won't deny I have cried about it this evening. Call me shallow if you will. No, my life and my loved ones right now are safe. I understand I am lucky for that and I am thankful. It doesn't make Glastnobury 2020 any easier to swallow. I understand anyone feeling angry, determined, distressed, anxious, hard done by. I wouldn't dream of belittling people who are brave enough to talk about feelings, whether I agree with them or not. I respect that each person will fall either side of the perimeter fence in the roll over/cancel ticket opinion. We can't all be the same, so please be kind.
  7. Or a week if SeeTickets is involved. It would take that long to get in touch with them if (when) anything went wrong!
  8. Each individual should have the right to choose whether to get a refund or to pay the full ticket value now ready for 2021. I had savings put by if I'd have been lucky.
  9. Fair to all is fair by honouring those who have ticket reservations and wish to have them carried forward. There will be full cancellations by those who don't want to or who can't commit to 2021, thus leaving many more tickets available in the 'new sale' of unalotted tickets.
  10. Mate, I'm not far away, and would fully join you if I wasn't emergency services on duty very early in the morning! With you in spirit 🙂
  11. It is morally right because people won their lottery, took time off work to book, some people will have waited 10 years or more to get tickets who had been previously unsuccessful, they fairly won their ticket, etc. etc. Those who were lucky shouldn't be penalised for something out of their control but which can 100% be honoured.
  12. It really does matter to many thousands and for myriad reasons, however, there is no blame and the Eavis family must make the best business call. The only thing I genuinely hope for, and the only step which is morally right, is that those who have tickets for 2020 are given the option to pay their balance in April, so have guaranteed tickets for 2021.
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