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  1. springsteen is around. admittedly maybe not quite the right demographic but maybe a consideration
  2. they’re just not on sale yet, i believe. there’s some sort of delay on when months become available a bit like flights. especially through booking.com best thing to do is check in semi regularly, that’s what we usually do with hotel diagonal.
  3. dammit bought a ticket despite saying i wouldn’t. here we go again…
  4. big jeff got burnt in a house fire this weekend and is in a specialist burns unit. puts things in perspective
  5. yeh that’s what i took from it - the hint that they’re increasingly less cooperative
  6. i thought gabi’s response to if the fest was staying in barcelona for 2024 was “who knows”?
  7. presumably a 2023 forum has already been started, right? or do we all get time off for good behaviour?
  8. they were about half the price in shops. no biggie though in the scheme of thing
  9. oh wow yes, they didn’t even have cider did they?
  10. as a non drinker i was gutted that alcohol free beer was the same price as normal!
  11. if i bought cheaper tickets without knowing the line up and it turned out to be as badly organised as this year, and it had the line up from 2019, i’d be pretty annoyed.
  12. did anyone riot at brunch on the beach in the end?
  13. YYYs came on about ten minutes early maybe explaining the early end
  14. the dorian electra show last night was super gay
  15. special interest are killing it
  16. smile is weirdly quiet. could easily get in now in front of the screens.
  17. no big screens for the smile
  18. am at the smile. admittedly 20 mins or so to go but it’s DEAD.
  19. he could be confused - they do have odd security one way systems round there at times
  20. i heard from a friend it was one in one out now, security turning people back
  21. security guy looked under the entire inside rim of my baseball cap yesterday
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