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  1. ooh got excited but looks ok now
  2. hoping for some weekender news soon. they tweeted to say it was coming 'soon'.
  3. Someone earlier here mentioned I think that the link in the email was actually 2, with a space missing or something?
  4. Same - bit convoluted but got there!
  5. I just did it and did have to pay. But even the email that confirms the booking also says “use link above to complete” - but there is no link. Very confusing but assume it’s done!
  6. Anyone wanna hazard a guess as to when weekender’s line up might be announced - I saw Osees are at le guess who in November so could be a good fit. Certainly hope so...
  7. Honestly - said it before; but tropical fuck storm are about a million times better live than on record. Such tension and a stunning drummer
  8. That’s really interesting, never thought of that.
  9. I give weekend 2 another 20 hours to sell out
  10. the tickets they’re selling now are the ones left AFTER they have had everyone’s requests with the deadline of yesterday.
  11. You had to let them know by yesterday - payment july.
  12. Ah yes literally a cup competition. Makes sense now
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