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  1. i guess also they have lost the non-VIP seating area/stands where the new exit at Mordor seems to be, which used to have a set of PRIMAVERA SOUND letters over it? That's a shame.
  2. they tweeted the other day that wristbands were more of a symbolic thing, then deleted/edited it. Also, on the map - what is GOLF STORE?
  3. it's to do with it being liquid i guess? some people i knew got in fine but with us they unscrewed the lid, and then said we couldn't take it in.
  4. another bit of admin as 'Vera draws ever closer - as i recall spray sun lotions are not allowed in and get taken away at the gate, so you need creams/lotions if you're a pasty one that fries in 5 minutes like me...
  5. they had stuart from mogwai DJing in the soho house bit lat time i was there
  6. EDIT: they have now reposted without the "more symbolic" bit...
  7. wristbands, available from the thursday, this year are "more symbolic" with site access via the app, according to PS twitter....
  8. my thoughts are that, if there are to be any surprises - and i'm not 100% convinced - they'll solely be announced once the fest is up and running, in the moment kind of things
  9. lots of angry goth rockers - nick cave/napalm death/bauhaus on at once
  10. ok, so where are binance, tous and supra and ouoigo etc - is a map somewhere?
  11. i honestly couldn't care less about the timetable, just glad it's happening.
  12. everyone just seems really pretty at PS, i find
  13. i have spent more time engaging with this forum than several members of my family over the last two or three years
  14. i agree - i could watch film of nick and 'waz' all night long, although some of the songs from Carnage sounded so good. much better than i expected from the record. and that scene with warren's desktop cracked me up!
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