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  1. The Amazons just announced as support for Greta Van Fleet in Europe until June 15th. Could show up if they're active? Saw them supporting Royal Blood recently and they were sounding great!
  2. Girl in Red isn't necessarily off yet... All the may European dates have gone from her website, but the June festivals including Glasto are still there on the tour page. I guess it'll depend on how quick her recovery is.
  3. First tour by Lil Nas X just been announced.
  4. First gig of 2022 for Foals last night in Edinburgh. They're performing as a 6-piece since Edwin left, I think (may be wrong) they've always been 5 when I've seen them before. The main difference this time was definitely the lighting/visuals show they put on, really great, including a moving screen, the newer songs had the better visuals with lyrics etc. It'll be interesting to see if they bring that to the festival. Music wise- A good setlist, nice mix of the albums and one new song (2001), only 3 songs from the new album but maybe we'll get more once it's actually out. Despite what seemed to be a few issues with the mix or monitors they were sounding really tight, Jack Bevan is a beast of a drummer. Great gig and I'm sure they'll smash it.
  5. Would definitely agree that the BBC audio is better, you can hear her breath control, no miming here...
  6. BFisherr

    Billie Eilish

    On potential guests, I think Tyler, The Creator could be the most likely in terms of a big name, although is playing in Denmark the day after. Other possibilities that come to mind would be Matty Healy, James Blake, MARINA?
  7. Well, I thought she absolutely smashed that. Seems like she's sticking to the setlist from the main tour, would be thrilled to see that set on the pyramid, although she can leave Damon at home.
  8. Sports team on the pyramid?
  9. For Leeds it was: L'objectif- 7:15-7:45 Do nothing- 8:15-9 EE- 9:30-11. Although I heard they're on at 8:30 tonight in Glasgow (just 1 support).
  10. Saw Everything Everything in Leeds last night as a last minute replacement for the cancelled Royal Blood gig. Thought they were really good, had a good light show going on behind them and a decent setlist. The new songs in particular sounded great live, looking forward to the album being released. Decent chance of them showing up on the farm based on their touring schedule, John Peel set would work well with their lighting, but could easily see them on the Park.
  11. Could Queen and Adam Lambert pull it off, or headliner only?
  12. Griff and Sigrid confirmed on the one show that they were planning to appear in each others sets to play head on fire.
  13. Conan Gray is another potential big pop act who could be around, probably more other stage sized though.
  14. The Gaga London date is 29th July, doesn't rule her out but feels a little late to me given she's only playing Paris and London.
  15. Everything Everything just announced a new album out 20th May. Free Glasto weekend, playing in Manchester the week after.
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