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  1. I don't think this is a bad idea at all, those slightly smaller acts would see the headline slot as a massive deal and likely put a lot of effort in to it, it wouldn't just be another slot on the Europe festival circuit. I think we could see some really exciting sets put together if they saw it as a chance to prove themselves.
  2. Declan Mckenna tour UK/Europe March/April 2021
  3. Just throwing it out there, but given Emily's talk of trying to combine the 2020/1 festivals and having a lot of acts along with an apparent lack of available big names, is it possible that we could see co-headline slots?
  4. If Taylor is back next year I wonder whether we might also see Panic! at the Disco make a return, likely to have a new album out come next year, co-headlined R&L 2018 and Brendon would make a great guest for Taylor's set.
  5. I think there's a number of potential other stage headliners around next year that weren't this year, Lorde and Paramore spring to mind.
  6. My gut feeling for next year is Gaga /1975 /Swift with a secret set from AM to headline in 2022 (Killers style), only concern is that Gaga and Swift might be considered too similar for both being female solo artists. Although like was said if there can be 2 male guitar bands in the same year, technically no reason why there can't be two female solo's maybe.
  7. BFisherr

    BBC Glastonbury

    Special Guest today will be Miley Cyrus, 3:30pm
  8. BFisherr

    BBC Glastonbury

    Just noticed the setlist that one of the band members had, it moved too quick to read it all but saw All I Ask was on it but wasn't played, presume some songs were cut because of the medical incident? Anyone see any others?
  9. BFisherr

    BBC Glastonbury

    At least Lorde sounds confident that she has some great hits to come.
  10. BFisherr

    BBC Glastonbury

    I'm always blown away by this Lorde set, truly incredible stuff. Can't wait for her to be back!
  11. BFisherr

    2020 New Music

    Just been watching Lorde's set from 2017, it is truly incredible. Apparently she has been in the studio working on a new album since December, I think she has a serious chance for other stage headliner or pyramid sub. https://www.nme.com/news/music/lorde-gives-fans-an-update-on-new-music-2671994
  12. Should have been playing this year on Williams Green, maybe an upgrade to a bigger stage next year following the number 2 album?
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