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  1. Delete my Account @eFestivals.. your all just a bunch of c**ts on here anyway
  2. I was never advocating murder, I was saying it’s about time We bomb their illegals bases in the south China see and destroy the CCP and cripple its economy so we can liberate the Chinese people and install a democratic government.. not hate speech just what we should do a view shared by a lot of people. Anyway you can’t handle that because you support communism.
  3. Thanks for sharing, I guess all rules are there to protect the workers first
  4. Really, that’s highly interesting, what mad the factory in lecester so bad if you don’t mind me asking
  5. Appreciate your points, but I feel we need to be ethical about where we source our goods, is wrong that sweat shops exist.
  6. Tokyo world Bristol this time last September
  7. Yes I have, I’ve been to shanghai and Beijing. I’ve also been to Hong Kong and Taiwan and my auntie is from Taiwan so I understand the culture. I wouldn’t want the ordinary citizen hurt. But I wouldn’t hesitate to destroy their bases in the south China see which they have militarised. I’ve also been on a tour to North Korea and that was just shocking actually felt so sorry for the poor people
  8. Hahah debate me don’t ignore
  9. I said in a further post my comments are against the communist party not against the ordinary citizen! I’m sure they all really want the CCP gone! I would love the west to save the citizens of China and implement a democratic system. President Xi needs the death penalty for what he is doing to the Muslims it’s disgusting. Their military bases in the south China see is where I would drop bombs. Just look at what their doing to India right now.
  10. Na I’m just showing I’m not scared of you lot, debate me don’t downvote me lol
  11. Btw my comments aren’t against the regular Chinese person they are against the Chinese communists party and their attempt at military dominance!
  12. Long live Donald trump long live Boris Johnson god slave Taiwan
  13. Why should I? I’m merely stating the negatives the CCP are leading. As an American and British citizen isn’t it about time We stand up to the global bully and put them out of action! Ww3 is coming and we need to prepare
  14. Why should we allow China to continue their path to global annexation, we should stop it they did this virus deliberately to ruin our economies. I would ban all imports from China and a put a global embargo on them... its about time we use our nuclear deterrent
  15. It’s about time something is done about China, I’m hoping India go to war with them NATO join in and destroy their country. I hate communists but I hate them for what their doing to Muslims and how their destroying Hong Kong, there a bully and needs a good few MOABS dropped on them to sort them out and put them back into the place they came from. There is one China and that’s the republic of China Taiwan not the terrorists on the mainland
  16. Wow 40 downvotes in one night... your all so supportive
  17. I don’t class having to call my mental health crisis team a tantrum
  18. Anyway it’s goodbye from this account and a new impartial politically neutral account to be made
  19. Because said person has the strongest opinion and sees it one way only, I’ve had numerous private messages of support critiquing said person as being obnoxious when it comes to politics.. like said before it’s a forum if you can’t handle being downvoted then perhaps make less degrading comments. reminds me of east Berlin when Stalin enters the room and everyone claps then the baker stops clapping and gets shot for doing so!
  20. Finally someone understands it’s a bloody forum not a Masonic meeting in the grand lodge
  21. I got 9 downvotes for saying Boris does a brilliant job
  22. Post would be underwhelming and a boring booking it just cries out for the 16 year olds first festival who weren’t there 2 years before.. for people who have been to the festival 15 years in a row it’s a shitty booking
  23. That was a genuine troll moment!
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