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  1. block 9 have rescheduled their announcement , it'll now drop at 8am tomorrow morning, it was originally due at 10.
  2. word i had a few days back was 30th May
  3. yeah, too many people trying to use the site, nothing i can do except get a bigger server, the one i have is pretty beefy.
  4. Neil


    A guy I know just picked up a stewarding place with a ticket as a volunteer steward, via a local school, so places are still out there.
  5. never used hospitality camping, so cant answer these.
  6. Worst move in football, milner quitting City to go win the champions league, maybe twice.
  7. How is Scotland managing without trains?
  8. they'veonly waited 30 years for it. scotland is enjoying no trains at the moment, scotland's own doing??????
  9. Neil

    EE at Glastonbury 2022

    the ee service is normally excellent, even for data.
  10. no, an old friend used to work for warner brothers and got her tickets from them every year. somone else i know knew somone in liam gallagher's camp the year liam last played, and blagged their ticket thru liam's people. i'll get a hospitality upgrade (not my entrance ticket), for being press.
  11. you need to know some one who has access to them such as at record companies or the bbc
  12. Possibly. The likes of the beeb and record companies, pay a fair wack for them.
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