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  1. Totally agree it’s pie in the sky. But there’s connections between the band and AEG, and I can see them trying to pull off something special. It’s more likely Thom Yorke will do APE, but I would suspect a one off show from a large UK band that don’t have any other shows.
  2. Heard the Sept move is still likely after the roadmap release. Guessing no PJ, probably Duran Duran / Little Mix or Dua Lipa. Wouldn’t be surprised if they pull out a Coldplay / Radiohead or Rolling Stones show. Big British act to celebrate with.
  3. I’ll correct myself before anyone else... he’d stopped touring with them 10 years ago, so completely possible. ill get back in my box
  4. One of Kraftwerk died last year, so unless it’s a tribute of sorts. It’s unlikely.
  5. Essentially that it doesn’t work for Over 65s. There’s a lot of frustration with the vaccine supplies, and from the EU not closing it’s borders as a whole.
  6. I’m working in a Germany at the moment and they are apparently about to announce a ban on all travel from the UK. The suspicion is that this will stay in place until around Easter. After which it will drop back to essential travel only well into May or June. Certain masks are now a requirement here as well, which will again steadily change over a few months once levels reduce. I think the idea of holidays abroad this year is pie in the sky. Festivals could happen but only for locals and at reduced capacities. It’s plausible acts could travel to play abroad. Indoor gigs have got to be
  7. London Grammar? Seem like a good fit for APE. Third album due start of 2021. Hearing it’s GM & Reading weekends.
  8. That would make total sense. Is this a guess or a fact now?
  9. It was nice to live in a fantasy for a while..
  10. Agreed. Although AEG went head to head with wireless for this years cancelled BST (Post Malone & Kendrick), so if the move to August is true I don’t see them shying away from booking R&L style acts. With PJ also doing 2 nights at BST next year (possibly), maybe there’s legs in a similar idea for the baby sister site... I mean it’s unlikely, but the landscape has changed since Rage cancelled quite dramatically, and it’s pretty much accepted that summer next year will go ahead on the back of testing. Who knows..
  11. I saw this before a few months back, just thinking that AEG might have tried to tie them in for both next year.
  12. What’s the chance Rage will do this? B2B with Rock En Seine... a week after the US tour ends and suspiciously missing from Reading.
  13. I know I’m setting myself up here, but wouldn’t an age limit take away 90% of the people that build the festival sites and run them during live? Pretty sure you’d loose a fair few acts as well (maybe not too bad a thing..)
  14. I’ve realised your point is beyond question. I concede.
  15. She certainly managed to pull this years event off so close to lockdown. And political sway certainly is a trump card (pardon the pun). I just can’t help think that March will be far too soon for a full capacity Cheltenham to happen. It’ll depend on how the football crowds go. live nations cancellation of the Bryan Adams show in Germany is a good example of people trying too soon, and that was at a vastly reduced capacity.
  16. But will it? With sporting events limited capacity from October the likely hood is that by March Cheltenham Festival will run at about 1/3 capacity.
  17. Totally correct, but when you go on holiday 200,000 people aren’t on the plane or in the hotel. It’s very likely Glastonbury will be the first event back, and with it will come the full range of precautions that will slowly reduce over the course of 1-2 years.
  18. It’ll be departure points for buses with no additional pick ups, and arrival points for trains. Too many potential access points for others.
  19. Pretty much everyone has offsite areas for artist accreditation / truck parking / etc, so it wouldn’t take too much to repurpose these into drive through testing. can also see it being done at local railway stations and at the point of entry to coaches. To save turning people away at the gates
  20. I can see some events will put testing away from the main gates, either in car parks or in offsite locations within a certain radius of the site
  21. There are tests in Amsterdam airport at the moment that come back in 90 minutes. Working in the industry I hear there are people aiming for 5/10 min tests to allow events to happen with testing on site. There are others looking at track and trace pre tests. It’ll depend on the event, promoters and numbers through the gates at certain times. Allocated entry time’s could become quite common though.
  22. Kooks / Tom Walker announced for the same weekend at This Is Tomorrow 2021....
  23. Live Nation planning a live music return for Q3 (July onwards) of 2021 backs this up as well. I’ve heard from a couple of people in the industry that next summer is still a big question mark and if it happens it’ll be in a different format to what we’re used to.
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