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  1. The Massive Attack and Kraftwork day could be repeated. Suspect Tame Impala will have other plans. NIN will probably do it. I’d put Idles and Nadine Shah as potentials depending on how new releases are received and if they get to tour early 2021 before festival season.
  2. They will probably have 1 or 2 more years agreed with the council, so doubt they would change the brand at this point.
  3. Still think AEG will try to merge BST and APE into one location for the August Bank Holiday weekend.. Sure there are questions over PJ / Taylor / Kendrick for BST, so maybe move the full APE line up to weekend 2 of Hyde Park with more of a festival feel. Pretty sure it’s still too big a risk to do anything this year, but they must being trying to sort something out and they won’t want their events to clash either.
  4. The paper says it all really. Can’t see anything much happening this year. However I think AEG will try to put something together. Maybe a merger of BST and APE in Hyde Park during September. Little Mix / Post Malone / Duran Duran Tame Impala / Massive Attack & Tom Yorke / Kraftwork Can at least see an attempt to move this before a full cancellation...
  5. The website has been updated to say they are putting their contingency plan into action for the new September dates and will make a final decision on April 12th. Seems like a couple of the acts can’t make the new dates but I’m sure they will find decent replacements. they really have shown the other organisers up here. Although this is still questionable, their emergency planning is spot on.
  6. I had a conversation today with someone who works in one of London’s main hospitals who said similar. He also wondered if large gatherings in late summer should happen at all.
  7. I’ll do a tenner for charity on that. Very good idea, I quite like my house too
  8. Good point. With the bank Holiday late this year, maybe the week before would be preferable. I’d bet my house on a reschedule over a cancellation for this though, with Coachella as it’s ‘sister’ festival. It may even open the door for the decent final headliner they seem to have been searching for!
  9. It’ll be postponed, my bet would be on August bank holiday into the first weekend in September
  10. Late August / early September could be possible. More competition though.
  11. If Coachella moves to October this has to be in line for a similar date change as well...
  12. Yep, I meant the announcement for the Kooks show happened on a Friday, not in Time Out. so maybe the last day won’t be either?
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