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  1. The supply chain is key. A lot of the businesses that survived last year are hanging on a thread now, and have much less staff than they used to. Freelancers have found work elsewhere and there will not be as many people left to service events from site crew to security, infrastructure and comms. There will just not be the resource to cover everything, and if this summer goes as well, next year will only be harder.
  2. Well looks like I’ll be unemployed this summer again...
  3. Well... I did call it.... just sayin’ With Wide Awake happening the week after I think the indie acts we might have expected will likely emigrate there. I’m pretty into this APE line up. The Friday is the day I’d go now.
  4. From what I hear it’ll stay put right up until the point it can’t. BST are in a position to possibly be the first big event after corona, got to stick with that if they can. And if it doesn’t work, there’s always September!
  5. Don’t mean to brag but that’s my day 1 prediction... 🙂 London Grammar double header with someone like Laura Marling is my call right now.
  6. At the moment BST is staying in July.
  7. I meant if they do a second weekend in 2021, (before or after the bank holiday), it seems they have a license for it.
  8. Phoenix 96 was still one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to. Shit site though. got my left footed trainer stolen by a one legged man. True story...
  9. Heard a whisper that they aren’t currently moving the dates / changing the line up announced, and Sept is only a back up plan.
  10. It’s fully possible that APE are testing the water for sales by only announcing one weekend at the moment and then going back to the APE Presents shows for weekend two if reception is good.
  11. After seeing this, I’m sticking with my London Grammar prediction, but I also want to add a hint of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Would make sense at the moment and there’s history with the event. Maybe a double headliner? I’d like to see Suede pop up on one of the days.
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